Solaire BBQ Grills

Solaire Infrared Grilling is a brand of Rasmussen Iron Works, an industry leader in grilling technology. A family owned and operated business founded in 1907 as the shop of a Danish blacksmith named Rasmus Rasmussen, the Iron Works have proved a versatile business over the last century. In addition to standard blacksmithing services, Rasmussen produced fireplaces and fireplace screens, a manufacturing division that eventually branched into truck parts, building component manufacture, and welding rod handles for ship construction during the height of the Second World War. With a century-long legacy of manufacturing excellence, Rasmussen has turned its expertise toward developing, manufacturing, and selling Solaire grills, the premier infrared grill on the market today.

This "muscle car of gas grills," Solaire is a stainless steel grill with an innovative and efficient infrared burner. Preheating in only three minutes, infrared grills cook in half the time of a traditional grill, making grilling more convenient and considerably less involved. This increased efficiency provides with increased direct heat, enhancing the natural flavor of your food to the point of rivaling restaurant-quality cooking at a fraction of the cost. Grilling, the oldest form of cooking in the world, has truly been enhanced by modern technology, with the infrared heat actually pushing the moisture deeper into your food. Your meat won't dry out with a Solaire doing the work. Perhaps the most innovative modern grill on the market today, Solaire is a revolution in home cooking unto itself. You'll never look at grilling the same way again.

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