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The SMEG Portofino Series: Mediterranean Style Meets Robust Capability

The SMEG Portofino Series: Mediterranean Style Meets Robust Capability

SMEG has built its storied and proudly Italian reputation on combining utility and whimsy. Its first forays into kitchen building in the 1950s saw them innovate the first gas cookers with an automatic switch-on function, an oven safety valve, and a cooking programmer/timer. As the century progressed into the 1990s, so too did SMEG's playful design sensibilities. They became known the world over for retro panache. Their signature style and technical refinement have beautifully converged with their new line of Portofino cookers.

The Portofino features clean, no-nonsense lines that adapts it to almost any kitchen design. It is available in a multitude of colors that make its unassuming facade pop. As seen above, hues include an arboreal olive green, a jaunty yellow, and a decadent red.

Inspired by its namesake city, the Portofino conjures the lightness and brightness of the Mediterranean. As you admire how its vibrancy complements even a mere galley kitchen, you'll almost be convinced you can faintly smell the salty sea air.

Don't let the Portofino's veneer of minimalism fool you, though. The range sports a versatility that would make it at home in any professional kitchen. Its expansive 4.5 cubic foot oven capacity increases what SMEG has offered previously in a range. This, along with five different cooking levels, allows you to prepare multiple courses quickly and efficiently.

Taken together, the oven's features provide for numerous cooking options. Heating a steak through after it's been seared? The fan with lower element will ensure preferred doneness. Need to cook a holiday goose or roast? The upper and lower elements are suitable for such traditional culinary pursuits. Pre-programmed timed defrost will flawlessly ready frozen items for final cooking. The Portofino's oven is a perfect tool for perfect gastronomic results.

CPF36UGMWH SMEG Portofino Cooker White

Although spacious, the Portofino's oven performs at the height of efficiency. Its new cavity structure, with rounded corners and smooth, uniform walls, offers maximum thermal insulation and optimal energy performance. Coupled with triple fan technology in which two large fans distribute air around the outer perimeter while a smaller central fan creates a vertical vortex of heat, temperature can be adjusted consistently and swiftly. The oven's ability to pre-heat to a temperature of 392 degrees in just eight minutes is 50 percent faster compared to a standard oven.

The prospect of difficult cleaning won't deter you from using the oven. Its interior is coated with anti-acid Ever Clear enamel. This decreases the adhesion of stubborn stains due to reduced surface permeability. The enamel works in tandem with the oven's Vapor Clean function. By introducing a small amount of water into a groove in the cavity, the oven generates steam to clean without the use of harsh chemical additives.

Yet another useful feature is the removable glass in the oven. No need to be on your hands and knees cleaning cooked-in grease that makes your otherwise beautiful range look unsightly. This meticulous attention to detail is just one more amenity that sets the SMEG Portofino apart.

CPF36UGMYW SMEG Portofino Cooker Yellow

The rangetop is no slouch either. With five cooking zones including a double-inset super burner that can reach up to 18,000 BTUs, you'll be able to juggle the preparation of several dishes at once.

The cooktops are equipped with full-width cast-iron grids. These heavy-duty supports sit flush in modular units to align with the countertop which lends to even heating and is an extension of the range's simple aesthetic.

To round out your kitchen's look the Portofino is also available with a hood in corresponding colors. Two luminescent LEDs will illuminate your cooking as ambient lighting is set to mood.

A powerful 205W motor with three speeds and an additional intensive speed with a 600CFM max setting will whisk away any lingering odors. The combination range and hood make for a handsome matched set.

KPF36UYW SMEG Portofino Hood Yellow

In addition to dispensing with basic practicalities with ease, the Portofino brings to bear elegant ergonomic touches. An option offered is the triple-glazed Cold Door, which helps keep the exterior of the oven at room temperature during cooking. Telescoping Guides (included standard feature) allow trays and racks to slide in and out of the oven easily, avoiding the need to put your hands directly into the oven.

The Portofino will satisfy the most fastidious home cook and delight those who wish to impart their kitchen with a Genoese charm. With it, SMEG raises the gold standard for what is meant to be "Made in Italy."

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