We all want to save little money and do things quicker--smart appliances allow you to do just that. Stream recipes from your refrigerator while grocery shopping, preheat your oven while watching your favorite show or steam dry your clothes while getting ready for work -- all with your touchscreen phone. Smart appliances are not just designed to impress, they're designed to change with your family's ever growing needs.

These features are included in select smart appliances:

  • Auto Wash/DryTake the chore out washing and drying by automating your laundry cycles.
  • Smart SuggestRunning low on food? Your refrigerator will take the guesswork out of shopping by suggesting food items and recipes.
  • Predictive CookingYou baste, you marinate, and let your oven do the rest!
  • Smart DiagnosisNot sure what that noise was? Let Smart Diagnosis find and troubleshoot the issue for you!
  • Intuitive Temperature ControlNever suffer from a house that's too cold or too hot. Intuitive temperature control will keep it just right.

Wouldn't it be great if your home could intuitively switch temperatures to keep you and your family comfortable, all year round? Well, thanks to groundbreaking innovations in smart technology, you'll never suffer another cold morning or hot evening. Smart air conditioners learn your cooling patterns and switch on and off according to your GPS location.

Smart hot water heaters use over 60 percent less energy by automatically switching into ‘hybrid’ mode. Both appliances ensure that your home always stays in the comfort zone.

These features are available on select smart temperature appliances:

  • GPS TrackingYour cooling system can track where you are and adjust the temperature of your home before you even reach it!
  • Hybrid ModeNow your hot water heater can cut back your energy costs by switching into hybrid mode.
  • Predictive TemperatureDo you like your home at a toasty 78 degrees? Let your smart cooling system learn your habits and intuitively set the temperature just as you like it, when you like it.
  • Smartphone RemoteNo more losing the remote to your appliances. Turn your Android or iOS-powered smartphone into an appliance controlling genius.
  • Smart BudgetingLet your hot water heater or air conditioner tell you when it's cheaper to run them!

Washing clothes is one of the most tedious household chores. It's also one of the most costly. The average family spends nearly $100 per month doing laundry in a traditional laundromat, to avoid high energy costs at home. Laundromats are also popular for families that have different washing needs. If your laundry requires different wash cycles, then a smart washer and dryer is just for you. No need to skip purchasing your favorite steam-only blouse. Just download the steam cycle to your smart dryer while shopping! Set your clothes to wash in the evening when energy prices are low and run it in silent mode to avoid disturbing your sleep. Worried about the eco-system? Smart washers and dryers are eco-friendly with top Energy-star ratings.

These features are available on select smart washer and dryer models:

  • Smart DiagnoseTroubleshoot your appliance with a quick tap on your smartphone!
  • Downloadable Wash CyclesAdjust your wash cycles to meet your changing style!
  • WiFi Remote ControllingControl your smart washer and dryer via WiFi from your smartphone.
  • Energy AdvisorNow, your washer and dryer can help you save money by suggesting the best times to wash and dry, based on energy costs.
  • Spot TreatSet your smart washer to spot treat your clothes and skip the presoak.
  • SMS Smart NudgesNo more wondering when your clothes will be finished washing or drying. Smart nudge sends you an SMS reminder!
  • Allergen CycleDo you have sensitive skin? The allergen cycle makes sure that every bit of detergent is blasted out of your garments.
  • Steam DryWhy iron your clothes when you could steam dry them?
  • Damp SensorTired of drying your clothes and pulling them out damp? Damp sensor adjusts your drying time based on your clothes dampness.

Bring your kitchen into the 21st Century with a smart refrigerator. Big brand names like LG, Samsung and GE have merged connected technology with the highest standards in food storage, to create a refrigerator that you can control anytime, anywhere. Now you can write Post-it notes on your refrigerator's touchscreen, stream recipes while you prep the dinner table, or listen to music while you chop. Showcase your food with LED lighted, spill-proof shelves and save valuable top shelf space by storing your gallon jugs in oversized door bins. Need troubleshooting? Place your phone near the refrigerator's screen and run a smart diagnosis.

These smart refridgerator options are available on select models:

  • Food ManagerKeep track of what you have in the fridge and what you need to pick up with Food Manager!
  • Recipe StreamerStream recipes right from your refrigerator's touchscreen.
  • Food TrackerTake a peek at what you have in your fridge while you're out grocery shopping!
  • Tablet ScreenLeave notes, watch your favorite cooking show or listen to music from your refrigerators large tablet screen.
  • LED Lighted ShelvesDisplay your food on large LED-lighted shelves!

Now you can prep your oven at home while reading cooking instructions on a box from the store. Smart ranges are designed to give a cutting-edge flare to your kitchen while offering convenience and improved functionality. Set your smart range to preheat, grill, bake or broil all from your smartphone. Not sure how long to cook your roast? Predictive cooking features lets you to program your food's weight and type, before it predicts temperature and timing for the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Features available on select smart range models:

  • Infrared GrillGrill your food quick, clean and easy!
  • Rapid HeatingNo need to preheat! This smart range reaches your desired temperature within seconds.
  • Touch ControlsAway with flimsy knobs! Control your smart range by touch!

Oops! We've all forgotten to switch on our dishwashers a time or two -- but the inconvenience of having soiled dishes is now a thing of the past. Set your smart dishwasher to wash right from your smartphone. Not sure how long to run it? Sensors within the dishwasher measure soil level and dish sizes to program the perfect cycle. No more wasting energy, scraping-off food remnants or using paper plates. Smart dishwashers are also stainless steel, so replacing your old one won't require a kitchen remodel. Save your precious hands from premature aging and heat burns, load your smart dishwasher and take a load off.

Features found on select smart dishwasher models:

  • Smartphone ControlSet your dishes to wash, rinse or dry anytime, anywhere.
  • Soil SensorTake the guesswork out of dishwashing! The soil sensor will set your dishwasher to the perfect cycle each time.
  • Track Energy UsageYour smart dishwasher lets you know when it's the most cost-effective time to wash your dishes.
  • Quiet OperationSleep sound while your smart dishwasher cleans up!

Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu allow you to watch what you want, when you want, from wherever you want. Now you can have that same ease of use and convenience right in your living room. Smart televisions transform your shared space into a non-stop entertainment center. Stream live shows, download games, upload photos and browse Facebook all from your smart TV. Whether you're looking to host a karaoke sing-off, have the perfect movie date night or watch the entire series of Friends back to back, a connected TV is the way to go.

Features available on select smart TV models:

  • Smart ShareSend your images and MP3s directly from your smartphone to your television.
  • MP3 StorageDon't risk losing your MP3s! Save them to your smart TV.
  • 3D ViewingBring your movies to life with breathtaking 3D graphics!
  • Apps and WidgetsDownload the hottest apps to your smart TV and expand its capabilities.
  • StreamingStream movies and TV shows from popular streaming programs such as Netflix and Hulu.

Bring a new dimension of sound into your home with a smart audio system. Listen to the ocean waves break against the coastline, thunder rumbling through the rainforest or a horse galloping through the desert as if you were there! Smart audio systems offer crystal clear 3D sound with the convenience of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Stream songs from your USB flash drive, or connect your speakers to a television or smartphone. No matter what sound you choose to enjoy, enjoy it on a smart audio system.

Features available on select smart audio systems:

  • Bluetooth ConnectivitySend sound from your TV to your smart audio system via Bluetooth.
  • Audio and Visual StreamingStream popular services like Pandora, YouTube and Rhapsody from your smart audio system.
  • Wireless Bass SpeakerNo more tangled wires and awkward placement. Sit your bass speaker wherever you'd like and turn up the volume!
  • Get SocialSign into Facebook and Twitter right from smart sound system!
  • Optical Cable ConnectionNo more bulky AV wires! Connect your audio system to your smart TV with a thin, barely visible Optical Cable.
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