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Smart Appliances with App Connectivity

Smart Appliances with App Connectivity: Convenient, Easy to Use and Cost Effective

Ironically, the more we talk about smart appliances , the dumber we can feel! That's because we hear so many words and phrases like remote control and companion mobile app.

These apps really can make your life easier, though, because you can be away from the home and still do things like start the appliance or shift energy usage to less expensive times. Perhaps best of all, you can receive notifications when you've left the dishwasher running or the lights on. We're going to simplify all the latest and greatest in smart appliances for you.

There's an App for That!

All smart appliances connect to an iPhone, iPad and some Android devices. (For example, Samsung appliances only connect through Samsung Galaxy Phones--not the entire Android world.) Here's a collection of the best smart appliance features currently on the market:

First up is the Dacor's high-end Discovery IQ wall ovens with Wi-Fi connectivity and an exlcusive app that is designed to let you control your oven from wherever you are. You can preheat your oven while you're getting groceries, and follow a new recipe from your favorite chefs, displayed right on your appliance! Your oven will even send you notifications to give you the freedom to multi-task in the kitchen. Dacor has extended this feature to their other Dacor Discovery Appliances, like their ranges, as well.

Amazon's Echo with Alexa can now help you out in the kitchen. Alexa can turn on your GE Geneva appliances to make cooking simple and fun!

Alexa is a voice-controlled interface that allows you to verbally ask your appliance things like 'how long will it take to bake" or 'how many calories?" The Alexa app, entirely powered by Bing, is free, and available for either iPhone, Android, or the Amazon Fire tablet.

GE's WiFi Connect (Geneva) connects with Alexa so you can say things like "Alexa! Tell Geneva to turn on, or turn off, the oven." The Alexa app is the mobile companion to ECHO, the cylinder object that connects to Alexa in the home. Alexa will help you cook swiftly and efficiently with your GE Geneva Oven, your GE Refrigerator with a built-in Keurig, and more!

Select Jenn-Air wall ovens now also have voice control capabilities, and Whirlpool is planning to make its smart appliances compatible with Alexa sometime this year.

Dash Replenishment Service (DRS): Also from Amazon, if your dishwasher supports Dash Replenishment, it automatically counts the number of detergent pods left, and then automatically purchase new one from Amazon to arrive before you run out. It works on your iPhone, Android or website. The same is true for your washer as well! GE Appliances have this connectivity.

Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) from Amazon lets you easily restock on your essentials right from the appliances that you use them for, like Tide detergent for this

The Nest system can now be connected to the ovens, laundry appliances, and dishwashers from some of your favorite appliance brands like GE, Whirlpool, and Jenn-Air.

Nest compatibility can help you save energy. For instance, select Jenn-Air appliances connect with Nest, and if the system senses you're not home but the stove or oven is still on, you'll be sent a notification. This gives you peace of mind and conplete control over the appliances in your home! Jenn-Air is not the only brand to see the value in smart connectivity. Some GE Appliances ovens can now communicate with Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well. Samsung even uses it with their Powerbot vacuum, which you can start even when you're not home.

Whirlpool uses Nest, so you can program your dishwasher to start when you're away, and your washer to keep everything fresh until you return. If you don't like noise, you can program Quiet Mode so you're not bothered. And all appliances including refrigerators, can shift energy use to less expensive times. Some of the smart Whirlpool Washers and Dryers, too, have Nest connectivity so you can keep your laundry fresh even if you're not home to take it out of the appliance.

The LG Smart ThinQ App line includes a range, oven, refrigerator and washer. It allows you to look for recipes and program cook time and temperature, but you still have to turn the oven on manually. Add to the confusion, they're joining Amazon, but not with Alexis--with it's own object called "Hub."

GE Brillion App is designed to be used with the GE Profile PT9550SFSS Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven . This app turns your phone into a remote control. You must be connected to your home wireless network so you can start each one independently and program temperature and mode. With this in tow, you can feel free to move about, run errands and rest assured that your GE oven will keep you updated.

The GE Brillion App turns your smart phone into a remote control for your GE Profile PT9550SFSS Built-In Double Convection Wall Oven.

We definitely think these features are worth splurging for. Particularly if you're forgetful and you worry about leaving the stove on. The digital age is rapidly expanding and despite those broad strides, we're growing increasingly more connected. Now, we can stay connected to the most powerful tools in our homes and operate them right from the palms of our hands. Whether that means ordering new HE detergent right from your washer, or turning your oven on while you're checking out at the supermarket-- bring this power into your home and make your life a little easier with these awesome smart appliances.

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