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SleepSafe Beds

SleepSafe Beds are medical beds designed for pediatric use and were created at the request of the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. The SleepSafe beds are designed to perfectly cater to the needs of children with physical and cognitive disabilities to ensure they get a safe night's sleep. It also grants parents and caretakers peace of mind to know that their little ones will be safe and sound during the night. The beds prevent entrapment of falls due to the enclosed design of the bed and the nearly non-existent space between the mattress and the frame of the bed.

Every SleepSafe bed has a foundation that supports the mattress. The beds are available in three main height options: Low (the SleepSafe Bed), Medium (The SleepSafe II Bed), and Tall (The Sleep Safer Bed). The beds include several clear 3/16" windows (the number varies by height-- the taller the bed, the more windows it has) that allow the user to see, and that allow the caretaker to monitor the user all times. Although the bed was designed for pediatric use, the beds are all standard adult sized beds. Therefore, anyone can use them and they can accommodate an adult up to 350 pounds. SleepSafe beds come in a variety of finishes and specialization options if necessary. The SleepSafe bed is designed to be accommodating to both the medical and emotional needs of the user. The bed's aesthetic evokes a feeling of protection and the structure of the bed guarantees it.

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