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Six Best Speed Ovens

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In an age of lightning-fast information and goods delivered at the touch of a smartphone button, it is not surprising that speed has become a priority in the realm of cooking. While microwaves have been around for some time, they serve as more of a role player in the kitchen than a key component. Microwaves offer a speedy cooking process but may leave a lot to be desired when it comes to results. Conventional ovens and ranges provide thorough cooking and top-notch results but aren't as a viable if rapid timing is a priority. Speed ovens offer a perfect blend of powerful cooking technology, rapid cooking programs, and versatility. These ovens can be programmed to utilize both microwave and conventional cooking technology to produce optimal results no matter the recipe. There are several attractive speed cooking appliance options on the market today and in this article, we will explore which are the very best in class.

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Bertazzoni Professional Series 24 Inch Electric Wall Oven

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Bertazzoni - SO24PROX - Bertazzoni is a renowned manufacturer of ovens of all sorts and their latest wall oven maintains their gold standard for quality. Bertazzoni's Professional Series 24 Inch electric single wall oven combines the power of European convection and microwave technology. With user-friendly touch-controls, you'll be able to precisely set the ideal cooking programs for any recipe. The European convection system and four usable shelf positions allow for even heat and the baking of multiple dishes at once with no flavor crossover. Use a combination of cooking functions such as convection, convection broiler, or convection microwave or each one individually. The integrated design of this model allows it to install flush into kitchen cabinetry and seamlessly integrate with specialty ovens and warming drawers.

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Bosch 800 Series 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven

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Bosch - HBL8661UC - Bosch has long been an industry leader in nearly every category of major appliances. Bosch's latest entry into the speed oven market is this 800 Series 30 Inch electric double wall oven. This powerful oven features European convection in the upper cavity and powerful thermal cooking in the lower cavity. With 12 specialized cooking modes, this oven makes gourmet cooking a cinch. This model is equipped with a temperature probe that allows accurate measurement of internal temperatures without having to open the door and eliminates the guesswork in cooking. The intuitive control panel allows you to choose optimal and precise settings for any recipe. The Fast Preheat feature lets you get to cooking quicker and cuts down the waiting time!

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GE Monogram Series 30 Inch Electric Wall Oven

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GE Monogram - ZSC2202JSS - GE Monogram offers a refined lineup of appliances in every category for the discerning consumer. This Monogram Series 30 Inch electric single wall oven offers versatility, power, precision, and a dash of classic design. This model features four ovens in one with Speedcook, convection, microwave, and warming capabilities. The award-winning Advantium Speedcook technology provides oven-quality results up to 8x faster than conventional cooking methods without preheating! Intuitive glass touch controls allow for easy operation, simple cleaning, and access to over 175 pre-programmed food selections and recipes. Removable oven racks allow for multi-level convection baking with no flavor crossover.

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Jenn-Air 30 Inch Built-In Microwave Oven

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Jenn-Air - JMC2430DP - Jenn-Air offers premium, high-quality appliances that provide unmatched performance and give a refined look to any kitchen design. Jenn-Air's new 30 Inch Built-in Microwave Oven is just the latest in a comprehensive lineup of top-tier appliances. This model features a powerful speed-cook option that combines the speed of microwaving with the precision of convection and broiling. You'll be enjoying oven-quality results up to three times faster than conventional methods. The intuitive sensors detect humidity released by the food you're cooking and determines the precise cooking time and power level for optimal results. With an interactive, full-color menu-driven LCD control panel, choosing the perfect settings for any recipe just got even easier.

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LCD Control Panel

Intuitive LCD Control Panel - This highly interactive, full color LCD control panel features menu-driven controls to guide you in selecting cooking options, such as temperature and cooking mode.

Sensor cooking

Sensor Cooking - This intuitive sensor detects humidity released by food as it cooks, determining the precise cooking time and power level for optimal doneness of each dish.

Flush cabinet design

Flush-To-Cabinet Design - Thanks to flush-to-cabinet design, this wall oven can install flush with surrounding cabinetry, seamlessly integrating for a sleek look.

Miele PureLine Series 24 Inch Electric Wall Oven

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Miele - H6800BMOBSW - For over 100 years, Miele has been a mainstay in the premium appliance industry and continues to provide high-quality appliances to this day. Miele's new PureLine Series 24 Inch Electric Single Wall Oven is packed to the gills with power, precision, and innovation. The intuitive M Touch Controls are easy to navigate and offer access to 100s of MasterChef programs for any recipe. With convection cooking technology for even heat distribution and a powerful 1000-watt microwave, this oven is sure to provide the cooking power needed for any task. With a built-in roast probe and electronic sensor temperature control, all your food can be monitored and cooked to absolute perfection!

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M Touch Controls

M Touch Controls - M Touch Controls are both easy-to-operate and navigate. An intuitive swipe of the screen will quickly lead you to your desired selection

Masterchef automatic Programs

MasterChef Automatic Programs - With electronically regulated programs for up to 100 types of food, you can cook and bake cakes, bread, poultry, etc. to perfection. "No need to program the operating mode, or choose the temperature or duration."

Roast PRobe

Roast Probe - No supervision necessary: the countdown indicator provides correct-to-the-minute information on how long a program still has to run. Handling the food probe is simple and convenient and makes menu planning enjoyable.

Viking Professional 7 Series 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven

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Viking - LVDOT730SS - Viking cooking appliances offer precision, unmatched performance, and top-of-the-line, cutting-edge innovation. Their latest offering is also one of their most exciting. The Viking Professional 7 Series 30 Inch Electric Double Wall Oven features a stunning design and all the power you've come to expect from this brand. Viking loaded this oven with their patented Airspeed Technology which cooks food 15 times faster than conventional methods. The oven offers over 500 preset cooking modes as well as seven high-performance speed-cooking modes. Additionally, the bottom oven features nine high-performance cook modes, a precise roast probe, and a TruGlide full extension rack for convenient access.

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Airspeed Technology

Patented Airspeed Technology - Top oven cooks food 15 times faster than conventional cooking methods, retaining moisture and locking in flavor for superior quality. Proven technology in over 130,000 commercial kitchens worldwide

7 high performance cook modes

7 High-Performance Speed Cook Modes - Top Oven - Bake, Roast, Broil, Air-Crisp, Toast, Dehydrate, and Favorites functions deliver fast a versatile performance

9 high performance cook modes

9 High-Performance Cook Modes - Bottom Oven - Bake, Roast, Broil, Convection Bake and Roast, High and Low Broil, Warm and Proof, plus a probe in this traditional oven

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