Sierra Range is a commercial cooking equipment brand that provides a selection of produce ranging from double deck full size ovens to rotating pizza oven, gas fryers to griddles and gas ranges.

One of the most important equipment for a restaurant is their range and Sierra's ranges offers 30,000 BTU burners and come in several sizes, a 24" and 36" that are suited for small restaurants and 48" and 60" that can handle high traffic usage. Their ranges come standard with stainless steel construction on the exterior front, sides, valve controls and kick plate, as well as featuring stainless steel high shelf, porcelain oven deck and door liner for fast and easy cleanup, and heavy duty cast iron top grates.

Sierra offers a variety of smaller restaurant equipment to pair with their ranges: char rock and radiant broilers, manual and thermostat griddles, gas burner hot plates, cheesemelters and countertop gas ovens. Their single and double ovens also complement the ranges with 54,000 BTU per deck and stainless steel construction. Sierra also offer a gas fired pizza oven with rotating ceramic decks that can cook up to 160 12" pies per hour.

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