Shadowspec Umbrellas

For over 25 years, the experts at Shadowspec have been keeping their clientele cool and comfortable in the shade with their vast selection of outdoor umbrellas. With hundreds of umbrellas to choose from in a brilliant palette of colors, Shadowspec has everything you could ever need to provide shade anywhere, whether on your porch, patio, backyard, or anywhere people congregate. They are easy to use, adaptable, and are visually appealing in any environment or landscape.

Shadowspec luxury umbrellas are available in many different styles, configurations, and installation options, so you can choose the exact setup to fit your needs. The frames and supports are manufactured from durable materials such as top-quality aluminum, stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials that will withstand inclement weather and wind. Most of the Shadowspec canopies are made from an easy-to-clean acrylic canvas material, while the wall-mounted umbrella canopies are made from premium olefin fabric.

Their adaptable cantilevered umbrellas are available in styles ranging from a single canopy to an expansive modular four canopies for larger areas. They also offer rotating cantilever umbrellas, more traditional center-pole umbrellas, and a line of wall-mounted umbrellas that rotate, tilt, and extend which are designed for more intimate spaces.

Shadowspec has three styles of umbrella stands to choose from. They offer sturdy portable stands so you can adjust your umbrellas location whenever you wish. You can also make a more permanent base for your umbrella with either a stand that attaches to an installation plate that is bolted to your deck, patio, or into concrete, or with an in-ground anchor fitting that is sunk into a concrete footing.

You can also customize your Shadowspec umbrella with their line of accessoriess. They offer remote-control LED lights that are fitted in the center hub of each umbrella - and the wiring is concealed in the frame for a flawless appearance. Adjoining square umbrellas canopies can be connected with removable rain gutters that are also available in a variety of colors. And if you decide on a portable base, you can procure a set of heavy-duty casters for easy umbrella movement.

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