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Seiki aims to transform quality expectations based on price by offering customers a high-quality TV at half the cost of its competitors. Rather than spending time keeping up with major trends, and trying to discover the next big thing, Seiki works to perfect their craft and offer an incredible television that's "simply brilliant" with clear audio and visuals at an affordable price-- because Seiki believes everyone deserves a great TV in the modern age.

Many Seiki LED televisions come equipped with some essentials, like built-in apps and WiFi. A TV with Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and other apps is a modern staple, but you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Seiki makes it easy to get a vivid image and powerful sound into your home without breaking the bank. Movie nights will never be same again with the pure performance of a Seiki LED TV.

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Seiki has found the perfect balance between performance and price by creating an affordable LED TV that doesn`t compromise on quality.