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Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

Sectional Sofa
*Sofa and couch are the same thing with different names, for all intents and purposes, this guide will refer to this piece of furniture as a sofa.

A very popular style of sofas nowadays are sectional sofas. One of the main reasons being the versatility in design and function a sectional sofa provides. Not only will they work in any home décor, they are comfortable to sit in as well. On top of that, they can accommodate seating more people than a traditional 3 seater sofa and at most traditional sofas may seat 4 people. A L-shaped sectional sofa can seat as many as 6 people as a basic offering. They are a good choice for large families or folks who like to entertain on a regular basis. Sectional sofas typically can be arranged in an assortment of layouts in relation to where you need it located.

Furniture is a very subjective thing. No one can necessarily tell you any piece of furniture is better than another piece of furniture. However, there are some factors in determining whether or not a piece of furniture, as with a sectional sofa, is better for you. Some deciding factors include sturdy building materials and components, preference towards color or design, and a set budget or brand preference. Ideally, sectional sofas should provide an adequate amount of comfort because, at the end of the day, you will want to sit and rest your weary bones in a comfortable sofa.

Sectional sofas, along with furniture in general, come in two major styles: traditional or contemporary. Briefly speaking, traditional styled furniture is a timeless classic look while contemporary furniture utilizes modern shapes, lines and influences in design.

Style of Sectional Sofas

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This style and look for a sectional sofa will appear in the form of a letter L with two lines of seating forming a 90° right angle. A standard L-shape sectional is among the most common type of sectional sofa being offered.

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Similar to a L-shape, but typically with an additional row of seating. A U-shaped sectional sofa includes three lines of seating. Some offer a chaise lounge as a third extension instead of another section of seating.

Semi Circle


As the name implies, a semi-circle sectional sofa is curved in appearance. A slight deviation from more common linear offerings, a semi-circle sectional sofa is something different in look.

Chaise Lounge

Modway EEI252BLK

A popular addition nowadays, a chaise [sheyz] lounge is a common name given to the extension on a sofa intended for lying down or resting your feet. An alternative in having an ottoman, but some designs include a modular chaise lounge addition.

Purchasing a New Sectional Sofa

Sectional Sofa


Like with most large purchases, the price you spend is based off of affordability. Certain contributing factors will depend on brand name and materials used to build a sectional sofa.


Size & Color

Color plays a big role deciding whether or not a piece of furniture will fit into your overall designs scheme of your living area. In the same regard, size also plays an important part because there is a practical approach in determining if you have enough space to accommodate a sectional sofa. Although a sectional sofa is a great central focus for any living area, it should not envelope the entire area leaving no room to move about. Sectional sofas come in a variety of sizes.

Types of Sectional Sofas

Aside from style, certain sectional sofas also provide some sort of function besides sitting.



This is the most basic a sectional sofa can offer. A solid piece of furniture that can’t be taken apart and no other function besides parking your derriere.




A modular design is usually the most accommodating with sections and pieces of the sofa being able to come apart and aligned in any configuration that best suits your tastes.

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Some sectional sofas offering parts of their seating that can recline, whether by a simple release mechanism or a powered, gradual mechanism. A reclining option is usually located on either end of the sectional sofa or both ends.


Depending on preference, sectional sofas come in three main materials with some slight deviations.



Real leather is made from animal hide.

There is also a subcategory of leather known as bonded leather which is usually leather scraps mixed and pressed together with some sort of adhesive agent. Bonded leather comes in other names such as, reconstituted leather and blended leather.


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Made from cloth.

A variant of cloth comes in the form of microfiber. The use of microfiber is primarily constructed from polyester with some using nylon or a combination of both. Microfiber typically is much finer than traditional cloth and is better at keeping clean in comparison as well.


Faux Leather

Alternative to real leather. Commonly known as “PU” leather within the industry.

Right Arm Facing and Left Arm Facing

Modway EEI253DGR


Right arm facing is how you would describe a part of the sofa featured on the right side when looking at a sectional sofa opposing you.



Left arm facing is how you would describe a part of the sofa featured on the left side when looking at a sectional sofa opposing you.

Traditional versus Contemporary

There are two main schools of design. Traditional and Contemporary. There are other designs derived from these two ideas such as, transitional being a combination of both, but using traditional design as the basis and modern being classified as a more avant-garde approach with current contemporary tastes.

Hooker Furniture SS195SC089


Traditional design incorporates popular designs from yesteryear utilizing classic looks with such aspects as floral patterns or more rounded edges and curves. Aesthetically speaking, traditional design with furniture appears “old” or “antique” looking.

Flash Furniture RS418404SECGG


Contemporary design is an up-to-date approach in using straight lines and edges. The overall feel should be minimalistic and “futuristic” in design.

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