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Scotsman, the company that reinvented ice, is the world's leading manufacturer of ice machines. The undisputed leader in their industry, Scotsman understands how critical plentiful ice can be to any number of businesses. That understanding has given them an unparalleled commitment to excellence and quality, and that's why you'll find Scotsman machines in vital support roles in settings as diverse as bars, hospitals, laboratories, and supermarkets. With over fifty years of experience in icemakers behind them, Scotsman has the legacy of reliability that has made them a quietly ubiquitous presence in the backgrounds of all our lives. Scotsman's quality is demonstrable; the first ice machine company to receive ISO9001:2000 certification, Scotsman has been a Shingo Award finalist and receivedrecognition by IndustryWeek as one of the United States' best plant operations.

Scotsman is dedicated to innovation, and pioneered advanced features such as AutoAlert external indicator lights, AquaArmor & WaterSense water safety systems, Eclipse remote ice-making and AutoSentry self-monitoring technology. With Scotsman's clear, streamlined, and advanced operation, messing up is almost impossible. That devotion to giving you the easiest operation comes out of Scotsman respect for their product and their respect for your business. That's also why they offer a wide range of ice-making products in a variety of configurations, including their remarkable and unique nugget ice alongside more traditional cubes and flakes. Versatility is the name of the game, and Scotsman wants you to have the ice machine you need. This is the best in the industry, and that devotion to excellence is why carries Scotsman.

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