Scavolini Designs in Our Showroom

Get the Scavolini Look: Take a peak into the Appliances Connection showroom to see all the great kitchen designs we have, like this Red FLux collection.

In a blog post, we showed you four Scavolini designs we have in our showroom and the appliances we matched them with. Here, we're going to give you even more inspiration for your dream kitchen designs by drawing on the other Scavolini displays in our showroom. We'll match it all up for you, the cabinets and appliances, so you'll have all you need to purchase your dream kitchen.


The Appliances Connection and Scavolini showroom design featuring Bosch Benchmark appliances and LiberaMente cabinetry collection.

We featured a LiberaMente and Thermador combination in the blog post, now were going to show you another way to style your LiberaMente units using Bosch Benchmark appliances. Bosch focuses on contemporary and simplistic designs, a perfect fit for the minimal and sleek LiberaMente. We've rounded up eight beautiful pieces from Bosch Benchmark that will enhance this already beautiful design. Click to view the listing and additional information for each product.

  • Bosch Dishwasher is one of the quietest on the market, and the panel on the dishwasher allows it to blend into its surroundings seamlessly so you wont even notice its there.
  • Bosch Gas Range will fit any freestanding range cutout. It slides to the back to sit flush with the surrounding counter units. This range melts into your kitchen and has a Quiet Close feature that gently shuts the door, similar to the system all of the Scavolini drawers have.
  • Bosch Warming Drawer maintain the simple and sleek design that we are aiming for. They're easy to open but dont have a visible handle, so everything flows on a smooth, continuous surface.
  • Island Canopy Hood's design is perfect for the modern, aesthetically minimalist kitchen: smooth, simple, stylish.


The Smeg appliances and Scavolini Tetrix collection display in the Appliances Connection and Scavolini showroom.

Tetrix is colorful and free. It reinvents horizontal kitchen structure and opens your kitchen up to countless color and design possibilities. The collection is available in fifteen different color and stain finishes so you can customize your environment. We've paired this whimsical and chic look with Smeg appliances.

  • The Gas Cooktop's extra-wide stainless steel frame will protect your counter and make it look like the cooktops melted onto the surface. It provides both functionality and style.
  • The Panel Ready Dishwasher is always a great option for any design you choose because it will blend into the counter seamlessly! It's there when you need it and out of sight when you don't.
  • The Wall Mount Hood we've chosen matches Tetrix perfectly. Its sleek and geometric structure allow it to fit right into the design.
  • Although there are more subdued color choices available, this collection is meant to be experienced in full color and as statement piece. If you've ever played the game Tetris, you know how well the game correlates to the design. Be bold in your kitchen choices and brighten up your walls with these functional and artistic units.


The GE Cafe appliances and the Scavolini Carol collection display in the Appliances Connection and Scavolini showroom.

Carol combines the wood kitchens we love with the contemporary shapes we crave to create a kitchen that teeters between the new and the old world of kitchen designs. We chose to pair this design with GE Cafe appliances. GE, a trusted name in the industry, has fostered a line of products for the serious foodie that retain their innovation and reliability, with the addition of professional power.

The products we've chosen will undoubtedly transform your kitchen into a professional culinary environment.

  • The Gas Range has a self-cleaning system and a precise simmer burner for delicate foods that burn easily.
  • The Built-In Dishwasher has an advanced wash system with an industry-leading +140 cleaning jets. It's ultra quiet with a 40 dBA rating despite the immense cleaning power.
  • The Wall Mount Hood has a removable grease filter for easy cleaning and four-speed fan control.
  • The French Door Refrigerator features in-the-door controls with a temperature display, and a full-width electronic temperature-controlled drawer with LED light to keep food fresh.


The GE Monogram appliances and Scavolini Open cabinetry collection display in the Appliances Connection and Scavolini showroom.

Open let's you take control of your space and make more of it. The collection is available in fourteen different colors and stains giving you the freedom to express yourself. Open is designed to create a cohesive and uninterupted space that merges your kitchen and living room or workspace. It extends along the walls to welcome you into a complete space, rather than a section of one. We've paired it with these quality appliances from GE Monogram.

  • The Dual Fuel Range has four sealed burners, a grill, a griddle, and dual ovens. The heavy duty, full-extension racks will carry the weight of any food you pallete demands of you, and the large temperature and time displays will let you moniter it all while it's cooking.
  • The Single Electric Wall can be combined with another oven, or warming drawers (as we've done) to create a customized food preperation hub. It features True European Convection with Air Direct to provide uniform heat for consistent cooking.
  • The Wine Reserve has a red or white wine setting so you can easily set the optimal temperature for aging and serving. It has full extension racks for easy viewing of all your vintages, and a reversible door swing so you can choose the perfect orientation for your kitchen, den, or entertaining room.
  • Both of the kits included in the list of our appliance picks are there to ensure a flush application for aesthetic beauty and space-saving qualities.

Let us help you design your kitchen!

At Appliances Connection, we not only have unbeatable prices and expert appliance knowledge, we also have an eye for design. We can help you pick out the styles and sizes that would best fit in your home for optimal space and functionality. Check out our Houzz project on Scavolini Kitchen designs for more inspiration and examples of our work!

If you have any questions, or would like to start designing your kitchen with us today, give us a call at 1(800)-299-9470.

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