New Samsung AddWash 27-inch Front Load Washer

Let's face it, we're busy folks with busy schedules. Sometimes, we forget things. It's just unavoidable. In an ever progressing technological world, we occasionally need to rely on said technology to help alleviate the stress of a demanding schedule to balance work and family life. Chores, the never ending mundane routine of everyday life. Of course, laundry is no exception to this demand. How many times have we started a wash cycle only to realize we had forgotten a sock or a shirt? Well, that's a problem for which Samsung has created a solution!

Created specifically for busy folks, the new AddWash design is the best washing machine for folks who could use the extra help to eliminate another worry in an already hectic schedule. As an added bonus feature to the AddWash door, it is fully capable of adding in extra detergent or fabric softener without having to wait nor disturb a currently running wash cycle. Lauded as a new innovation that matters in cleaning, the Samsung AddWash 27" Front Load Washing Machine is setting another standard in the laundry game.

Appliances Connection now offering this new washing machine at low competitive pricing, available in black stainless steel or white: Samsung - WF50K7500AV AddWash 27" Front Load Washing Machine. Nowadays, the trend is leaning towards front load door washing machines being more efficient and effective for your laundry needs. Also, its sleek and aesthetically stimulating to the home dcor. One minor issue is that its impossible to add in a forgotten article of clothing without requiring to stop the wash cycle and having to drain the water. In effect, this creates the added cost of wasting water and time. In order to save money and time with your new Samsung AddWash 27" Front Load Washing Machine, the best solution comes in at a remarkable yet simple design.

Samsung known for setting new standards in the technological industry has redesigned the washing machine with new technology. Samsung, always known for their simple and elegant designs has elevated the mark once again. The all new Samsung AddWash 27" Front Load Washing Machine has redesigned the washing machine featuring the AddWash door technology eliminating the issue of forgotten clothing during a wash cycle.


  • AddWash Door: Quickly and effectively add forgotten clothing during a wash cycle.
  • VRT Plus1 technology: Noise and vibration reduction so laundry time can also be nap time.
  • SelfClean+ technology: Eliminates the use of extra cleaning chemicals by keeping the drum and gasket clean without the use of said harsh chemicals.
  • Energy Star certified: Save money and conserve energy.
  • Smart Control: Remote control and live updates with the use of a smartphone App with extra ease and convenience.

By applying both form and function, this newly designed front loading washing machine delivers on appeal and application. This new washing machine was designed with simplicity and usefulness in mind. Keeping with the hustle of your everyday demands, your laundry is one less thing to have to stress over.

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