Saffire Grills

With over 30 years of experience, Saffire Grill Co. earned customers trust and was successful to stay in the barbeque industry for seven years now. They are highly committed in not only manufacturing good quality grills but to create relationship with their customers that will last for a long period of time.

Through their ongoing endeavors toward quality and innovation, they were able to create grills that have the quality, durability and the performance to satisfy the needs of the customers. Saffire Grills comes packed with unique features that makes them stand out from the other grills that are out there. For instance, the famous "Smokin' Chip Feeder" is known for delivering a perfect amount of smoke to your barbecue while eliminating the need to open the grill while cooking and the need to hands being exposed to fire. Also, the "Enlarged Ash capacity" that will provide customers with extra wide base on the bottom of the firebox making the interior components more stable. In addition to that each Saffire Grills comes with a "Cooking Grid Elevator" that elevates the cooking grid and pizza stone up to the top edge of the grill; in order to provide easier access to food.

In addition to its functionality and performance, Saffire Grills are one of the most durable grills that are out there; and their durability is proven by their use of "Extra Heavy Duty Hardware" and "304 Stainless Steel Cart" to manufacture their grills.

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