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Safavieh began as an artisan family business which gradually expanded to a high tech corporation with very sophisticated operations in terms of manufacturing and distribution over the past thirty years. Within the home furnishings industry, Safavieh is most successful in combining the best of high tech and high touch. They have always been considered the authority on fine quality, craftsmanship and style.

Safavieh believes that there are no such thing as a compromise when it comes to creating furniture and accent pieces. They focus their research and development on creating the highest quality products consumers can buy within a broad range of budgets. Their mission is to perpetuate the interior furnishings crafts to lead with innovation while preserving centuries-old traditions in all categories: from antique reproductions, to transitional designs, to the most fashion-forward contemporary styles.

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Miller Series Bradbury Series Alena Series Newport Series Vernon Series Azusa Series Lynwood Series Arcata Series Del Mar Series Athens Series Montford Series Rocklin Series Solano Series Ravyn Series Nunzio Series Montclair Series Ozark Series Montez Series Broderick Series Carson Series Vista Series Branco Series Salome Series Adelia Series Berkane Series Aurora Series Bethel Series Wrangell Series Burbank Series Fontana Series Alexei Series Pacifica Series Wilton Series Loren Series Barrow Series Anaheim Series Nason Series Elsworth Series Endeavor Series Brayson Series Corinne Series Alton Series Chino Series Elora Series Arvin Series Aimee Series Arvilla Series Lanty Series Benjin Series Madden Series Nolita Series Barstow Series Fresno Series Alda Series Kerman Series Abele Series Torre Series Bocello Series Olivya Series Pate Series Aishi Series Raldin Rope Series Alexci Series Sophie Series Marina Series Matilda Series Annalise Series Marquette Series Evert Series Anastasia Series April Series Ruben Series Amelie Series Adelaide Series Oahu Series Aldric Series Sidney Series Zen Series Odalis Series Curby Series Taraji Series Colfax Series Chaston Series Athena Series Sidford Series Zealand Series Leah Series Baur Series Thessaly Series Maxine Series Marcene Series Lardner Series Abena Series Maynard Series Gallo Series Arverne Series Willow Series Maia Series Malena Series Sanders Series

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