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Safavieh began as an artisan family business which gradually expanded to a high tech corporation with very sophisticated operations in terms of manufacturing and distribution over the past thirty years. Within the home furnishings industry, Safavieh is most successful in combining the best of high tech and high touch. They have always been considered the authority on fine quality, craftsmanship and style.

Safavieh believes that there are no such thing as a compromise when it comes to creating furniture and accent pieces. They focus their research and development on creating the highest quality products consumers can buy within a broad range of budgets. Their mission is to perpetuate the interior furnishings crafts to lead with innovation while preserving centuries-old traditions in all categories: from antique reproductions, to transitional designs, to the most fashion-forward contemporary styles.

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Safavieh Product Series

Landers Series AREBELLE Series Vienna Series Jessa Series Genevieve Series Axel Series Hallmar Series Lester Series Iris Series Silva Series Summerset Series Mae Series Peyton Series Filbert Series Eva Series Rustic Series Georgia Series Newport Series Clara Series Buchanan Series Primrose Series Harlow Series Opal Series Lucinda Series BANDELIER Series Paloma Series Tate Series Maiden Series Amy Series Madison Series Nunzio Series Raina Series Madden Series Seth Series Theron Series Montez Series Athens Series Lorna Series Montford Series Thompson Series RAFIKI Series Wolcott Series Sapphire Series Rocklin Series Amelia Series Mina Series Eleni Series Ozark Series Harrison Series Easton Series Marigold Series Charlotte Series Minerva Series Cindy Series Fontana Series Liam Series Emery Series Sedona Series Landon Series Norah Series Sarla Series Haines Series Abby Series Deana Series Lucca Series Vernon Series Pate Series Alexis Series Ruby Series Lyla Series Ryder Series Solano Series Aliyah Series Connie Series Charlene Series Zimmerman Series Chloe Series AJANA Series Garden Series Zinnia Series Camden Series Kayley Series Grema Series Brayson Series Milan Series Del Mar Series DECO Series Colin Series Taylor Series Elegant Series Kenzie Series Elsa Series Fleur Series Palmer Series Morris Series ADDO Series Azusa Series Alda Series SoHo Series Athena Series Alena Series Chelsea Series Carrie Series Astrid Series Luna Series HERMAN Series Tanner Series Halton Series Greta Series Ken Series ALLURA Series Alice Series Maxine Series Estella Series Walter Series Griffin Series Gressa Series Josef Series Dylan Series Raveena Series Adah Series Hattie Series MAZELI Series Gwynn Series Charlize Series Becca Series Raven Series Pine Series Pacifica Series Winona Series Idalena Series GALEXIA Series Candence Series Beckham Series SILIO Series Voleria Series JOYCE Series Keegan Series NONIE Series Amaris Series Morocco Series Whitney Series Sydney Series Dove Series BECALL Series Mystic Series AKITO Series Lori Series Venice Series Evangeline Series Beaufort Series Gardenia Series Berlin Series Bradbury Series Masami Series Lisbon Series Montclair Series Samantha Series Halle Series Cybil Series Briar Series Razia Series Keenan Series Darvey Series Burris Series Yari Series Sarina Series Everly Series Addison Series Erin Series Tribeca Series Jude Series Rooney Series Lamar Series LEVINSON Series Brooks Series Soleil Series Sierra Series Damien Series Cora Series Caiden Series Kibo Series Ashlin Series JENEVE Series JAPPIC Series Estelle Series Belia Series Rosemary Series Wyatt Series Delena Series Amanda Series Liana Series GOMEZ Series Bartholomew Series Lawson Series Christa Series Abel Series Parker Series Tinsley Series Lynwood Series Mercury Series Wynton Series Chavelle Series Vedette Series PIRAN Series Tia Series Zoey Series CONNERY Series Nikita Series Wren Series Michaela Series Franklin Series Loren Series Marcella Series Benjamin Series Fulton Series Sinclair Series Nadine Series Holloway Series Monroe Series Boris Series Autumn Series Rylee Series BAIZE Series Benicio Series Toby Series MATHISON Series Barrow Series Albus Series ABDUL Series Baird Series ARJUN Series Sunny Series Tabitha Series Abigail Series Challe Series Elise Series Karya Series Carson Series Bandele Series Ashby Series Joe Series Otto Series Skyler Series Falcon Series Mozart Series Odette Series Hailee Series Atlas Series Sawyer Series Corinne Series MACHIE Series Pamela Series Walsh Series Lyle Series Elaine Series Arcata Series Isaac Series Miki Series Aariz Series Zoe Series Kermit Series Paris Series Diona Series Adalina Series Jaiden Series Walden Series Eluned Series KARNA Series Tenko Series Elicia Series Lulu Series Emmarose Series Quatrefoil Series Magnolia Series Adriana Series Vellor Series MANELIN Series Kelly Series Albert Series Garnen Series Thelma Series Erna Series Martinique Series Hawkem Series Erica Series Galena Series Thea Series Cam Series Analon Series Danez Series Koryn Series Mira Series Romilly Series Valenti Series AKITA Series Adalia Series Rensia Series Pomona Series Abrea Series Mary Series Jesvita Series Wrangell Series Levi Series Nutmeg Series Rowan Series Payton Series ABOKA Series Jayne Series JOHANNES Series Natalie Series Austin Series Dean Series HAL Series Ellie Series Laina Series Henri Series Burbank Series Aimee Series BASSEY Series Jill Series Lola Series Leilani Series Alexei Series Mabel Series Nolita Series Matilda Series MARUKA Series ALAIA Series Ranger Series Jack Series Mercurio Series Siobhan Series Abreu Series Jenson Series Katia Series Leila Series Devon Series ROSALEEN Series Krissy Series Vallory Series Sorrel Series Jett Series Berkane Series PRAMLA Series Mitchell Series Chaston Series Emmeline Series Capri Series Fritz Series Juliet Series CADEO Series Alec Series Presla Series Pim Series Eleazer Series Manhattan Series Freddy Series Horus Series CRYSTA Series Delfino Series TANA Series Broderick Series Alton Series Mandi Series Kerman Series RALDIN Series Reissa Series Carew Series JAROME Series Ronin Series Fernla Series Alexia Series Terrence Series ARORIS Series Sidford Series Simone Series Dixon Series HARRLEY Series Tory Series Dandria Series BUCKLER Series RESSI Series Tobias Series Colley Series Blanche Series Marina Series JENINE Series Ackley Series Larza Series Orion Series Pier Series STAZIA Series Chantelle Series LANSEN Series Jan Series Roxanne Series Ollie Series DAJANA Series Mora Series Donatella Series Blair Series ILYA Series Justine Series Abri Series Darryl Series Nola Series Christina Series Kylie Series Kira Series KENSI Series NATANYA Series Ravyn Series Bali Series Xander Series Sophie Series Leon Series Lanty Series Odessa Series Blaze Series Joshua Series Derry Series ADENA Series FINNLEY Series Jyana Series REYNLDS Series Conan Series Colbie Series GENSON Series Kora Series COLOR SWIRLS Series Karissa Series Dave Series Imelda Series Brielle Series Freya Series Bobbi Series Asher Series Lush Series Barney Series Sanibel Series Benaya Series JONIKA Series Donald Series NATUM Series Gneiss Series Hutch Series Jackson Series SYLVA Series Dalson Series Brunner Series Annalise Series Jordan Series Ramsay Series Diamonds Series Kiley Series Clark Series Katara Series Olyvar Series JORDA Series Dennis Series Delia Series Noely Series Camille Series Zeus Series Catena Series BROGEN Series Pierro Series Tegan Series Alyssa Series NICHI Series Payden Series Shay Series Levin Series Fresno Series Torsla Series Nikki Series Ember Series Izzy Series Bethel Series MARSHAL Series Horace Series Classic Series Ripley Series Julian Series Edna Series Sorena Series VALLOR Series Tommy Series Tami Series Giovanna Series London Series Zen Series Remy Series Belen Series Arvin Series Deacon Series DENIZ Series ROSALIA Series Willa Series Jenny Series Dane Series Anaheim Series Coraline Series JANIKA Series Shannon Series Gibbons Series BLANCHETT Series Curby Series Lena Series Ziva Series Eira Series Prasla Series Nikola Series Moon Series Gianni Series Jorja Series CDARK Series Casella Series Noah Series Jolin Series Randell Series BESON Series Reginald Series Jonie Series Stafford Series Roald Series Ashlan Series CONNR Series Eugenie Series MADALINA Series Dion Series Ivy Series Leah Series Finley Series Deven Series Jonah Series Crescendo Series Flora Series HENDRICK Series Brynlee Series Amalia Series Zorica Series Rove Series Noelia Series Thessaly Series Darcey Series Terra Series Salome Series Dark Gray Series Sienna Series Lonelli Series Angie Series Harlem Series REYNOLDS Series Fletcher Series Forest Series SEMLY Series Palmdale Series Josephine Series Vera Series Aiden Series SEMA Series Kellie Series Giselle Series Cypress Series Rumi Series Clary Series Branson Series CASSIAN Series LIGIA Series Jiraiya Series Endeavor Series Sabrina Series Cecily Series BELMI Series Viggo Series Capra Series Hedwig Series Santino Series Abarrane Series Ludovic Series Lonan Series Bentley Series Iva Series Baisley Series HAZINA Series LARTON Series Figueroa Series KERSON Series Homer Series Grant Series Kensing Series Providence Series Ezra Series Redding Series Dorothy Series Joaquin Series Laban Series Evie Series Marquise Series Karsen Series KENRIS Series Leandra Series CRISTEN Series Anastasia Series Cassius Series Cohyn Series Micha Series Spring Series Alexa Series IGNATIUS Series ZARYA Series Kai Series Rinley Series Leonard Series Edeline Series Deion Series AMAIA Series Afton Series Roland Series TAHSEEN Series Gresla Series Reid Series Rosario Series Ally Darling Series Phoenix Series Belladonna Series Ever Series Shelley Series Lenora Series Marita Series Carter Series Ryker Series FRENA Series Catalina Series Beatrix Series JORA Series Gemma Series Lerson Series Franco Series LYSETTE Series June Series Moxie Series Ralden Series Vendome Series Celine Series Blaise Series Mieka Series AURELIUS Series Bertram Series Colton Series Josiah Series Maris Series Marlon Series Allie Series Winslet Series Torre Series ODILIA Series SHEDRACK Series AKASH Series Haylee Series Valari Series KASTON Series Nara Series Leni Series Mycha Series BREANNE Series Rein Series Rita Series KARLEN Series Lannie Series Lanai Series Slater Series CHARLEN Series Sofara Series Zaid Series Bravo Series Aero Series Shawna Series Colfax Series JAMESE Series Krystine Series Buddy Series Zelda Series Darcy Series Moore Series Percy Series Manny Series RYNE Series Hathaway Series Oliver Series Adrienne Series Sergio Series Brinley Series Cagney Series Birdsong Series Parvati Series Kandi Series Mandell Series Branco Series TERANCE Series Camila Series Rosabella Series Berlen Series Cairo Series Hollywood Series Sylas Series Vanessa Series Nicolas Series THEMIS Series Lara Series GRIMSON Series PELTRIA Series Maralyn Series Olympia Series Jason Series Glass Series MARALAH Series Reflections Series Hester Series Evan Series mid Series ABROSIA Series Arlette Series Zola Series Lionel Series Rafina Series Brando Series SEMLI Series BRIENNE Series Remi Series Foster Series Richmond Series Ferla Series Rory Series Pari Series Raylan Series JORIS Series Reese Series Sherri Series Rollins Series Josie Series Cadence Series SAMANA Series Onyx Series Marilyn Series Dalit Series AGGIE Series Sabina Series Rocco Series Basie Series Adele Series Ambler Series Britannia Series Hollie Series Omni Series Shae Series GITANO Series Nilo Series Perama Series DANSER Series Suri Series Francis Series Lardner Series Prudence Series Joella Series Coby Series Verzla Series Rio Series Kiana Series TELTA Series Poppy Series Shag Modish Series BUSHWICK Series Octavia Series WILDOMAR Series Morgen Series Sven Series JUNEAU Series August Series Jules Series Kyoga Series Cedar Series Milo Series Malik Series Baltic Series Dilan Series Estonia Series Bohden Series Lizabet Series Alexus Series Marcel Series BLAIZE Series Wade Series Ramsey Series Dale Series Brynna Series Elsie Series Lazzaro Series Cove Series Penda Series VALTON Series Genoa Series Skylar Series Ruben Series Salem Series Mallory Series Sky Series Rhett Series GAETNA Series ORNA Series Everest Series Kendrick Series Kaylee Series Colman Series Quartz Series Pippa Series Abelard Series Lavinia Series Newman Series Kayson Series Andey Series Lamber Series CARLIN Series Eloise Series Anston Series Olga Series Aria Series Adina Series LULA Series Maia Series PRATIA Series Peony Series Edgar Series Branch Series Dinesh Series FOO Series ALFIO Series Lensa Series Gatsby Series Nori Series Adrianna Series Safiya Series Prague Series Julyvia Series NORALA Series Erika Series Bevin Series Flynn Series Andrew Series Benjin Series DULCINEA Series Brenla Series Alcott Series Denita Series Melra Series April Series Galen Series Abia Series Larsa Series Abele Series Ronson Series SUZIE Series Cherith Series Raldin Rope Series Adelyn Series Gordon Series Bartolo Series GIOTTA Series Trinz Series LINNETT Series VELOR Series Scarlet Series Artef Series Rachel Series Eli Series Abilene Series Zarina Series Fremont Series Wrigley Series Arlyss Series Avita Series Mindy Series Arverne Series Daley Series Citrine Series Maeve Series Roston Series Baur Series MCKAY Series EVERLEE Series Gretchen Series NYNETTE Series Reinhardt Series NAVARRO Series Jeanine Series Armand Series JOHNI Series Bocello Series Hogan Series Azalea Series Daire Series CAPPI Series Camie Series Emeric Series SOLANIA Series Loran Series BRISOR Series Kaia Series Fiji Series LUMI Series MENRIA Series Winsome Series Nico Series Delta Series Olivia Series Samara Series Jensen Series Venezia Series Mavis Series Rinaldo Series Vida Series Angus Series PAMELLA Series Torus Series Arcelia Series GRANTON Series Aster Series CLARABEL Series Blanchard Series Justina Series NILLA Series YUNA Series CILA Series Carmen Series DESA Series Spano Series ALTEN Series Nancy Series Anabelle Series Colette Series Lovie Series Skyla Series Brown Series Beth Series Zuri Series EVELYNN Series Ainslee Series RANCER Series Grayson Series Mars Series FRISTAL Series Esme Series Nerina Series Merzer Series Roper Series PISCATAWAY Series MENKEN Series Bea Series Brockway Series Winnie Series Carlotta Series ARTRIA Series Mara Series Armando Series Dawn Series TANDRA Series Jamison Series Taraji Series DUNSTAN Series Emerson Series Prenza Series Barila Series Dawson Series HERSCHEL Series Noho Series Leia Series Forler Series Oakley Series SHAMBI Series Bernice Series Helena Series Cora Rose Series SERAPIS Series Fiona Series Janet Series Mari Series Inga Series Pauline Series Lotus Series Aida Series Angelo Series Pranit Series Cire Series Darin Series NERRI Series Havana Series Ashford Series Zeke Series Tara Series Grace Series Jayce Series Sutton Series Fauna Series Murray Series Jemmi Series Hadley Series Sydni Series Adira Series Deidara Series Arissa Series Luis Series Lonny Series Cody Series Greek Series Antwan Series CRICKET Series Modern Series Esther Series Coulette Series Adelie Series Eliana Series GIANI Series Keya Series Hilda Series Gallo Series Winifred Series Wendy Series HARTWICK Series Reslor Series Chapman Series LOTEM Series Narda Series CHARING Series Kennedy Series Tudor Series Amais Series Sanders Series Lovell Series Konrad Series Chino Series Rogue Series Regina Series Dalvin Series PARKSTON Series Culkin Series Copen Series Reed Series Raquel Series Talon Series RANDY Series ATKA Series Raiden Series Zoi Series Eris Series Kyler Series Verona Series Wilton Series Alanna Series Doris Series Chevron Series Kendra Series Sullivan Series Lillia Series Obito Series Deidra Series ROCHA Series Gardiner Series LONSEN Series Emyr Series Betsy Series Miliano Series LENU Series Garnet Series Edmund Series Valenci Series Malone Series Orson Series Devin Series Selena Series Cheyenne Series PIERRE Series Wellington Series Diana Series WILLAMY Series RISTA Series Cromwell Series Rendi Series Chandra Series Patty Series Neil Series Harla Series ROXANNA Series LONNI Series ARMOND Series Gabrielle Series Secia Series Donnamaria Series Diara Series Isadora Series Zhang Series Tori Series

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