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Runtal Heating Products

Runtal radiators offer some of the best hydronic heating and electric heating radiant products in the world. Runtal Radiators developed the original European panel style radiators over sixty years ago. Whether you're looking for a heater, or something more luxurious, like a towel warmer, Runtal has the product for you. Enjoy the feeling of a warm towel and create your own at-home spa experience with a Runtal Radiators towel warmer. These are perfect for indoor pools, saunas, bathrooms, and home gyms! Runtal heating systems operate quietly, so you can enjoy the effects without any loud or irritating sounds to disrupt the experience. Runtal makes plug-in and direct wire models for their signature towel warmers, and each model has heat settings for greater control. Thanks to their stainless steel construction, many of the Runtal models can operate on either a closed-loop or an open system.

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