Since 1979, Robam Appliances has been developing, designing, and manufacturing innovative high-quality kitchen appliances with a solid reputation for both luxury and durability whose products can be found in over 50 million kitchens around the world. Recognized as one of Asia's most influential brands in the household appliance market, they have earned numerous accolades such as the both the Red Dot and iF design awards as well setting a Guinness World Record for range hood sales in 2019.

They have also adopted a philosophy of environmental and social change, hosting the Green Revolution Conference in 2016 to promote ecological awareness in both the manufacture and use of their appliances. They also joined with the United Nations Development Program to launch the Baidu Recycling Project and establish Baidu Recycling Green Service Union with a focus on global electronic trash recycling.

Their product line includes dishwashers, range hoods, cooktops, and toaster ovens with a variety of practical features...

Robam Appliances dishwasher is fully integrated and powers food and grease away with a 360-degree high-pressures vortex spray in a cycle that concludes with a 158-degree F hot water rinse, all with a minimum of noise.

In widths of 30 and 36 inches, Robam Appliances cooktops all come with innovative, Italian-made DEFENDI solid brass burners which improve thermal conductivity and increase radiating heat. They also have a pure copper core which resists high temperatures and corrosion for long-lasting performance, which is quite useful since the burners range up to a formidable 20,000 BTU.

Robam Appliances range hoods have proved incredibly popular and are available in widths of 30 and 36 inches. All models utilize powerful but quiet fans, a patented filtration system which removes 99.3% of grease & odor to expel cleaner air, and energy-saving LED lighting for your cooking needs. Some models are conveniently touch-free - all you have to do is wave a hand in front of their infrared sensors to turn them on and off.

Robam Appliances also offers a portable toaster oven with an abundance of features that can steam, grill, defrost, warm, ferment, steam and grill at once, and convection bake - everything you could want in a countertop cooker.

If you demand performance as well as elegance in your kitchen, Robam Appliances are what you want.

Wall Mount Range Hoods

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