Using 3D modeling to design their products, Riobel instills a unique modern style into their kitchen and bath appliances. Designed and engineered in Canada, Riobel's faucets and fixtures go through rigorous test to ensure that they are superb quality. The three characteristics that Riobel emphasizes in their products are form, function, and flow. The combination of superior form and function creates a seamless flow between the structure and inspired style of these pieces.

Riobel is the main sponsor for Mikael Kingsbury, one of the most decorated Olympic skiers in the world. Riobel has sponsored Kingsbury since 2011, and they say that he's an inspiration to their brand. Another popular public figure Riobel sponsors is Alexandre Tagliani, an accomplished Indy and Nascar racer they've sponsored since 2015.

Riobel provides appliances such as shower heads, shower arms, faucets, and bidets. The clean and sleek design of these appliances are complemented with innovative technologies. Their RioWise Valves shower system allow you to control water temperature and pressure coming out of the streamlined shower head. Even if you like to take showers for long periods of time, the water temperature and water pressure will both stay consistent.

Another impressive feature in select Riobel models is the Boomerang pull-down spray, where the pull-down spray on faucets return back to its original position. The Boomerang technology is useful when you're washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, and filling up large pots of water. Riobel appliances come in luxurious colors such as brushed gold, chrome, polished nickel, and more.

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