Review of the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series 77" Grill

Review of the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series 77 Inch Grill

Napoleon is a leader when it comes to manufacturing state of the art grills. They are always implementing the newest and most innovative technologies when designing them. They have been committed to creating the quality grills that have kept them in business for over 40 years.

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This rich heritage continues with their Prestige PRO Series. The Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS2 77" Freestanding Liquid Propane Grill includes everything anyone could ever need for professional grade backyard grilling. Let's take a closer look.

Enormous Cooking Space

The Napoleon PRO665 is a freestanding liquid propane grill that offers many top-rated grilling features every serious backyard cook will enjoy using. The overall style of this impressively expansive 77" grill is one that offers both novices and veterans the tools to grill with ease. Whether you choose to whip up steaks, salmon, or whatever you enjoy cooking outside, it's going to be delicious.

The total grilling area is 1140 sq inches. This is enough room to cook about 45 hamburgers, which means this grill can accommodate well-attended festivities. The entire grilling space offers superior heat retention, which means you can perfectly sear a porterhouse while providing the all-around even heat necessary to finish it to your preferred juicy doneness.

Cooking Surface

Wonderful Design and Ergonomics

This top-rated grill is made using stainless steel and comes with a chrome trim, which means it's super durable so it can withstand being outside in the elements without getting damaged.

The dual level stainless steel sear plates control the output of the burners, which allows for exceptional heat distribution.

Stainless steel WAVE rod cooking grids allow for distinctive curvaceous grill marks that signify a great cook. The stainless-steel shelves offer plenty of space for keeping everything organized and comes with a cutting board, built-in beverage holders and a combination ice/marinade bucket.

Sear Plate Wave Grids Ice Bucket

Impressive Cooking Elements

A total of eight burners are included, which includes 5 main burners, 1 side burner, 1 rear burner and 1 smoker burner. The main burners offer an impressive 60,000 BTU's, the side burner offers 13,000 BTUs, the rear infrared burner offers 18,000 BTUs, and the smoker burner offers 8,000 BTUs. The side and rear burners, known as the Sizzle Zone, are infrared and allow for faster cooking.

The wood chip smoker tray can be used to add a delicious smoky flavor to any slow-cooked meats such as ribs and pulled pork.

This Napoleon grill even comes with a rotisserie kit that offers grillers the ability to cook rotisserie style on the rear infrared burner. Because the rotisserie is of commercial quality it's extremely easy to use, and is able to offer some of the best tasting rotisserie style meats the entire family will surely enjoy.

Sizzle Zone Smoker Tray Rotisserie

A Few Convenient Extras

The grill comes with a built-in power outlet at the base that can easily provide power to the interior lights, and can also be used as another outlet for the included rotisserie kit.

The interior lights are a great added feature and allows you to easily see what you're grilling when the sun goes down. Night light control knobs come with safety glow features, giving the cook complete control even in the dead of night.

Interior Light Illuminated Knobs
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