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Rest Rite

Rest Rite began in Columbia, MO over 40 years ago with a single waterbed store. Though they began so humbly, they aspired to make waves in the specialty sleep industry. Through their Rest Rite series of products, they continue striving to solve the sleep issues that were the founder's initial inspiration for the brand. Branching off from merely selling waterbeds, Rest Rite has expanded its line of products to include other types of specialty bedding.

The Rest Rite Natural Flex Latex Mattress line is an allergy sufferer's dream come true. These mattresses do not incubate bacteria, mold, mildew, or fungus. Additionally, they are three times more resistant to dust mites than other innerspring mattresses. For those concerned with comfort, you can rest assured knowing your mattress is covered by an eco-friendly, anti-microbial rayon fabric cover made from sustainable bamboo fibers. Flexible and hassle free, these mattresses easily bend to fit through narrow doorways and up any stairwell. Fast-inflating twin-size airbeds and gel foam adjustable sleep wedge pillows are also available for greater sleep comfort.

Rest Rite features several collections of beds, including their unique Adjusta-Flex adjustable beds. Utilizing extremely quiet motors, this bed provides variable height adjustment to accommodate a wide range of sleep needs. An auto lay flat function is built into this unit for easy reset. You can easily manage these features via a wired, intuitive remote control.

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