Remodeling an L-Shaped Kitchen

When you are redesigning your kitchen you have to find out what shape your kitchen is and what type of kitchen design works for it. Figuring that out will help you to create a convenient workspace. There are various type of kitchen designs such as:

Single wall kitchen

L-Shaped kitchen

U-Shaped kitchen

G-Shaped kitchen

In order to create a convenient workspace, you first have to understand the importance of a work triangle. A work triangle is a triangle created by the distance between food storage areas such as refrigerators, food preparation areas such as counters, sinks or islands, and cooking areas such as ovens or stovetops. Many kitchen designers have stated that in order to maximize the kitchen's workspace comfort and efficiency, the total combined sides of your work triangle should be under 26 feet. In this article, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of L-Shaped kitchens and how you can decorate it.

What is an L-shaped Kitchen?

L-shaped kitchen is popular among homeowners with small to medium sized homes. Depending on how you are going to install your appliances, L-shaped kitchens can look traditional or contemporary while maximizing the level of your workspace comfort. L-shaped kitchens will require at least one wall to hang your cabinets and range hoods on the top and stoves and sinks on the bottom.


  • L-Shaped kitchens usually have multiple entrances that will allow you to easily avoid collisions and catastrophes.
  • With enough space between the key kitchen elements you can avoid kitchen traffic forever.
  • With L-shaped kitchen, you can easily retain the ideal work-triangle.
  • You can use your kitchen corners and place your cabinetry and appliances however you prefer. For instance, you can adjust the height of your cabinets and appliances to fit your kitchen layout.
  • Since L-shaped kitchens take up the corners, you can easily place a dining table in the center of your kitchen.


  • L-shaped kitchens are not the best design for large kitchens because appliances will be too spread out.
  • L-shaped kitchens are also not the best for a household with multiple cooks.
  • In L-shaped kitchens, a cook usually has to turn his or her back to the people that are in the kitchen in order to prepare the meals. Thus, if you want to communicate with your family members while using the kitchen, then L-shaped kitchens might not be the best design for you.

If you believe that L-shaped kitchens are perfect for you, then here are a few tips on how you can place your appliances. Many kitchen remodeling designers have proposed various kinds of arrangements of appliances. I will summarize the popular arrangements that many homeowners love. First let me introduce you to the kitchen appliances that you might need to remodel your kitchen.


For an L-shaped kitchen design, you can buy tall, spacious cabinetry and place them throughout the L-line. If you are unsure of what kind of cabinetry to get, we highly recommend Scavolini cabinetries and their other kitchen products because it will bring the Italian sense of beauty right to your kitchen door.


If you have an L-Shaped kitchen design you can choose either full sized refrigerators or compact refrigerators. While purchasing a refrigerator you should keep in what kind of features it offers, what finish it comes in, how much space it takes up and how spacious it is. LG, Samsung and Whirlpool are the famous brands that carry some of the best refrigerators on the market today.

Ranges and Range Hoods

You can go ahead and get creative with what kind of ranges and range hoods you want because any type of range and range hood will look great in L-Shaped kitchen. Just keep in mind that it should be around the same height as the cabinetry that you placed along the L-line. Some of our famous ranges are manufactured from GE Profile, Broan, and Bosch.


Of course, no kitchen is complete without a dishwasher. Whether it is a built-in, drawer, countertop or portable dishwasher, popular brand Bosch has it all. Bosch is known to carry one of the quietest dishwashers available on the market today, their 800 series. For more information you should check out Bosch dishwashers' page.

You will also need microwaves, blenders, and other small appliances that you can easily place without any type of installation. As long as you place three key elements of kitchen appliances in a triangle form, you can play around with your other appliances and find the right place to put it.

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