Remodeling A U-Shaped Kitchen

Remodeling a u-shaped kitchen is simple if you know what to look for; find out more at the Appliances Connection Learning Center.

Remodeling a U-Shaped Kitchen Remodeling an already existing kitchen by upgrading and rearranging your appliances is the easiest way to give the heart of your home a facelift! Whether you choose built-in appliances or freestanding appliances, the choice is all based on your aesthetic preference and budget.

A well remodeled kitchen gives you the opportunity to turn the room into more than just the space you use to cook. It allows you to transform your kitchen into more than just a culinary hub. A kitchen that's infused with your personal style becomes the heart of your home. A u-shaped kitchen is unique because it wraps around and brings all your appliances and cooking surfaces within reach. Placement is incredibly important in a Uu-Shaped kitchen because it can feel boxed-in and cramped if not properly styled.

They key it to focus on the style of the cabinets and the functionality of the appliances to cover all your basic needs and provide a clean and aesthetic canvas for any decor elements. You also should be careful to keep these to a minimum in a small u-shaped kitchen. Even if you have a larger kitchen, over decorating can turn your space into a cluttered mess. Stick to a simple color palette and use your decor to highlight key colors and serve as contrasting elements for the most successful results.

Some of the Benefits of Having a U-Shaped Kitchen

  • This layout offers the most organizational potential and lets you section off your kitchen.
  • It's the perfect layout for small kitchens because it forces you to make smart spatial choices and you can easily turn around to access the other part of your kitchen.
  • It's a very convenient because it puts all of your appliances and most used items within reach.
  • This is a versatile layout that allows you to convert one side into a countertop/bar-style table.
  • A U-shaped kitchen is the most cozy and comfortable kitchen layout since you're surrounded by all of your essentials.
Small city apartment kitchen with light grey kitchen cabinets a Sub-Zero-Wolf range with red knobs and white painted brick walls.

Laying Out Appliances in a U-Shaped Kitchen

A white, minimally designed kitchen with a built-in induction cooktop, a built-in wall oven and a coffee maker.

In terms of layout, your kitchen plan and appliance order should reflect the natural flow of how you work. It works best to devote one side to one function. In other words, one side will be for cooking and food preparation, one side will be for cleaning and one side will be for storage and refrigeration. Additionally, if one side of your u-shaped kitchen is a table countertop, you can put the fridge on the cleaning side, or between the cooking and cleaning sides, near the edge, since it is used to both prepare the meal by storing the ingredients and by preserving leftovers after the meal.

The types of appliances you choose also depend on the space available in your kitchen. If you have limited space, we recommend splurging on built-in appliance to make the most of it. If you're on a tighter budget and you have ample room, freestanding appliances are a good idea and are easier to relocate if you ever need to do so in the future.

The size of your appliances will also heavily depend on your space availability. If you have a city apartment-sized kitchen, you may want to opt for a set of compact appliances, like a 24" range (or a 30" range if you have a little more wiggle room) or a cooktop and built-in wall oven combination that will fit into your counter.

In addition to appliances, you should also consider upgrading or revamping the following elements in your kitchen in addition to or in lieu of new appliances, if you're in a pinch:

Cabinets: The Framework of a Kitchen

A man installing country-style woodgrain cabinets in a kitchen.

Your cabinets are the foundational pieces in your kitchen that will serve as the frame work for your layout. One of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a new look and manipulate the space, particularly in an area that's generally cramped like a small u-shaped kitchen, is to invest in some new cabinets. There are many options out there: semi-custom cabinets, custom cabinets and stock cabinets.

We offer high-quality Scavolini cabinetry that can be arranged in a custom design and is available in many different finishes and materials. You can learn more about that on our Scavolini Store Brooklyn page. If your budget is really tight, then you might want to look at trying to dress up your cabinets with a new attractive laminate. You can also change the look of your cabinets by painting the doors and frames. This is a cheap and easy alternative to new cabinets, but this won't make much of a special difference. For that, you'll have to swap them.

Sinks: Placement and Styles

A mother and her young daughter washing vegetables in their kitchen sink.

People do not always place much importance on their sinks, but merely changing your sink from an old style to a new one will give your kitchen a totally new look. The price for a kitchen sink ranges greatly depending on the style. There are modern and minimal sinks, as well as ornate artisan sinks--it all depends on your preference and the style of your kitchen overall. An updated sink can really help tie a design together and can be used to accentuate a certain texture, color, or metallic element to create design cohesion. There are single bowl, double bowl, and even triple bowl sinks available in a number of different materials ranging from brass or stainless steel, to Vitreous China and Fireclay.

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

A dove grey u-shaped kitchen with grey cabinets and matte black metal accents.

We've given you a few points on how to give your u-shaped kitchen a total overhaul and how to make little changes to get a fresh new look. Although the latter is an obvious economic and simplistic choice that would make for a great DIY project, if you're looking for a radical change you should consider a complete remodel. The following are some of the reasons you might want to consider remodeling your kitchen:

Increased Functionality

When you remodel your kitchen, you are invariably increasing the functionality of the kitchen because you're creating a layout that works for you.

Resale Value

A remodeled kitchen increases the value of your house when selling. If you're thinking of moving in the future, this may be a good long term investment that will offer a nice return in value. Therefore, although remodeling is a pricey project, it's also a profitable project in the long run.


A remodeled kitchen is a style statement. It shows how crucial you give to your kitchen. So, you go ahead and make cooking a beautiful experience. Your kitchen is the backdrop for years worth of memories, whether it's prepping for a holiday feast or making chocolate chip cookies on a chilly day.

So, whether you have a u-shaped kitchen or are looking to design one for your home, you should definitely keep placement, structural layout, and style in mind when considering a kitchen update. If you need any more info on kitchen remodeling, feel free to give us a call to set up a free consultation with one of our in-house designers and come visit our Brooklyn Showroom for a hands-on experience to get inspired for your own kitchen remodeling project!

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