Ready Hot

Ready Hot appliances are a brand of faucets and hot water dispensers. They are part of the Joneca company of appliances and consumer goods. Joneca Corporation is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing a large lineup of innovative and dependable kitchen products across the North American market. Ready Hot offers convenient and easy to use solutions for hot water whenever you’re ready for coffee, soup, tea, hot chocolate or any other needs for consistent 200°F water instantly. Ready Hot brand of hot water dispensers also provides features with adjustable temperatures based on preference, up to 60 cups of hot water an hour, and all dispensed from a durable stainless steel tank. Ready Hot water dispensers are a perfect sink add-on or counter top add-on for the home or office.

Ready Hot brand of faucets and hot water dispensers use only NSF approved components with their plastic tubing and stainless steel tanks that are deemed food safe and will not cause any foul tastes or odors on its own. In addition, Ready Hot water tank modules provide easy exterior turn dials to set any desired temperature, as well as, utilizing a simple red or green light to indicate whether water is heating or water is fully heated and ready to be dispensed, respectively.

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