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RangeCraft is a manufacturer of range hoods. They are focused on crafting ventilation range hood systems that are made to order. RangeCraft is proud to craft and produce their range hoods entirely in the U.S.A. With their facilities located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, they feature unparalleled service with fully customizable range hoods. They specialize in creating custom high quality range hoods as an alternative towards more commonplace designs. RangeCraft offers a wide range of classical and contemporary designs to fit into any home kitchen. Although, RangeCraft does craft contemporary styled range hoods in common stainless steel designs, the difference is that they also craft a wide range of classic looking designs. RangeCraft creates traditional, old world charm range hoods using recessed bands, decorative buttons, seamless corners, and many other options as well.

RangeCraft focuses on a better looking hood, but they also provide a high performing ventilation range hood as well. Their range hoods come well-equipped with ventilation capacity ranging from 600 CFM to 1200 CFM. They also incorporate super quiet internal fan operation and well positioned internal blowers for a low output of noise. RangeCraft utilizes their patented "Micro" baffle filters to ensure for a cleaner operation in capturing smoke and grease. They also include the use of halogen lights as a standard for a more appealing lighting option.

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