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Making Lives Less "Exhaust"-ing


With the development of the kitchen range it is safe to say that something else could have been done to maximize the way we cooked meals in our homes. The range hood or extractor hood was a successful addition to the kitchen range because it allowed you to use your stove without the worry of leaving smells or smoke behind. The range hood was invented in the mid-20th century and the first hood was produced by Vent-a-Hood in 1937. The hood was manufactured in a house with a dirt floor in Dallas, Texas.

Throughout the years the concept and design has remained the same but the styles and options have branched out in numerous ways. Along with Vent-A-Hood, Broan, Elica, Faber, Futuro Futuro, Gaggenau, Fagor, Independent, KOBE, ProLine, and Modern-Aire are today’s top manufacturers.

So the question is, how do you want to duct your hood? There are 3 options to choose from; vented, non-vented, and convertible. You then need to think about design. Is there a hood that matches your current range? Just remember, proper ventilation will help neutralize smells and odors in your home. Your nose will thank you later.

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