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PyroMania Fire Pits

Pyromania is a design and manufacturing company that is dedicated to helping people find comfort and companionship in the element of fire. For years they have worked to design and develop a line of products that are as durable and reliable as they are aesthetically simple yet striking. Based in souther California, the owners and artisans of Pyromania know and wholeheartedly appreciate an outdoor lifestyle that embraces freedom and warmth in the most beautiful environs. From the laid back vibe of San Diego, the mid-century modern style of Palm Springs all the way the hipster movement of the L.A. arts district, their fire pits exhibit all they have to offer.

Their fire pits - or tables - are simple in form, coming either in circular, square, or rectangular designs. All are crafted from Pyromania's from fiberglass-reinforced high performance concrete which is durable enough to withstand the elements while retaining it's original beauty. This concrete aesthetic lends these pieces a natural look that embeds itself in any outdoor entertainment environment with a raw, living rock feel whatever color and texture you choose. As for fuel sources, models are available in both natural gas and liquid propane for your convenience. And you can burn those fuels up to a blazing 50,000 BTU to provide a radiant warmth for everyone surrounding the table on the chilliest of nights. Starting the fire is made easy with a simple battery-powered ignition, and safety is assured by a thermocouple controlled valve that shuts off the gas supply automatically if the flame is extinguished. If you're looking for a centerpiece that will bring family and friends together like nothing else, a Pyromania fire pit is your perfect choice.

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