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Pulaski manufactures bedroom furniture, dining room tables and chairs, curios and display cabinets, sofas, desks, bathroom furniture, bar furniture and home decor. You can find everything you'll need to curate an elegant, yet cozy home in Pulaski's furniture lineup. The brand has countless collections that offer sets of similarly styled pieces that you can buy for easy and sure aesthetic cohesion, or you can mix and math to create your own unique look. Pulaski also offers furniture in a wide range of colors including the classic brown, beige, cream, black and grey; wood finishes like cherry and oak; and modern options like red, green, gold and multi-colored.

Pulaski is known for their wide spectrum of design options and their commitment to bringing the latest trends to every home. Pulaski furniture is quite affordable, and offers great style without compromising quality. Pulaski furniture is designed to blend into the room, while still serving as a conversation piece that will have your guests gushing over the craftsmanship and aesthetics of your Pulaski pieces. This brand is keenly aware of the importance of details in design and makes sure to add those special little touches to each of their furniture pieces. Some pieces have deliberate distressing that make them look like they've been loved for years, while still being durable enough to last for many more to come. Some also include decorative metal accents, as well as convenient functional features like adjustable shelves and roller glides on applicable products for easy transportation and storage. No matter your style, budget, or need, Pulaski has something for you.

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Pulaski Furniture has been almost 60 years in the home furnishing business, furnishing homes throughout America.

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Pulaski 330124 Pulaski 330124
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Pulaski P020242 Pulaski P020242
Briane P020242 Antique Embossed Door Console with Two Doors, Two Adjustable Wood Shelf and Intricate Door Embossing in Blue Write a Review

Pulaski 21455 Pulaski 21455
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Pulaski 20878 Pulaski 20878
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Pulaski 330100 Pulaski 330100
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Pulaski P021569 Pulaski P021569
P021569 80" Sable Oval Framed Mirrored Curio with Four Adjustable Glass Shelves, Two LED Light with 3-way Touch Dimmer Switch, Molding Detail in Brown Write a Review

Pulaski 20855 Pulaski 20855
★★★★★ ★★★★★

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