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Proctor-Silex Small Appliances

Originally founded in 1885 as the Philadelphia Textile Machinery Company, Proctor-Silex has been a major industry leader in the home appliance category since the 1960's. Since that time, they've stood at the forefront of innovation in their field, responsible for the first development of numerous products that now form an integral, everyday part of the American kitchen, including the first silent toaster, first electric glass coffeemaker, first cord-attached iron, first toaster oven/broiler, and first pop-up toaster/toaster oven. Outside the kitchen, Proctor-Silex's world-class research and development division has brought to the American household over the years first adjustable automatic iron, first snap-apart line of serviceable kitchen appliances, and first see-through steam iron water tank.

Now a part of the Hamilton Beach Brands family, Proctor-Silex is an integral component of the country's number one distributor of small kitchen appliances, which sells tens of millions of appliances and other products every year. The resources being part of that family of brands affords Proctor-Silex has allowed them to continue their longstanding legacy of innovation and development that have made them such an important player on both the American and wider global market. With their commitment to design excellence and an unmatched devotion to excellence, Proctor-Silex is a name you can trust. An appliance only goes to market once it's met rigorous standards of quality, meaning that every product they sell has been tested to ensure the highest quality, reliability, and dependability. The same commitment to exceptional quality and value that motivated the Philadelphia Textile Machinery Company in 1885 still powers Proctor-Silex well into the twenty-first century.

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