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Prestige is a manufacturer of premium range hood ventilation systems. They offer top of the line options for range hoods, inserts and accessories for kitchen ventilation. The company has set forth to be an industry leader within innovating ventilation technology for home kitchens. With an assembled team of professionals with over four decades of product design and manufacturing, Prestige intends to reinvigorate the range hood industry with their line of products. Prestige offers a wide range of professional styled contemporary range hoods designed to fit 30", 34" or 36" wide capacity. Prestige offers durable stainless steel under cabinet and wall mount range hoods with accessories in duct covers, as well as, internal blower kits. Additionally, Prestige designs a better performing range hood while incorporating noise reduction procedures and applications.

Prestige offers powerful performance with their range hood ventilation systems being able to reach 1200 CFM air circulating capacity. In addition to high performance, Prestige range hoods are designed to blend seamlessly while accentuating any modern kitchen decor. They have utilized only the highest quality of building components to ensure a durable range hood. Prestige incorporates high premium, commercial grade 304 stainless steel panels and parts, removable dishwasher safe stainless steel baffle grease filters, as well as, hidden control knobs with varying three-speed fan control and dimmable halogen lamps for a more vibrant display.

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