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Pomeroy is part of ELK Group International, which was founded in 1983 and headquartered in Nesquehoning, PA. ELK Group International distributes over 9,000 products under home decor and home furnishing lines. They are a premier designer and manufacturer of indoor and outdoor residential and commercial lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and furniture.

Pomeroy offers a large assortment of decorative accessory, furniture and indoor lighting. Their wide range of styles are perfect for accenting homes from traditional to modern designs. Their award-winning team of international designers and engineers create coordinating products with uncompromising detail while ensuring each item is crafted to exceptionally high standards of quality, innovation and design.

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Pomeroy Product Series

Mission Series Silversmith Series Mayfield Series Prairie Series Mako Series Telluride Series Chambray Series Oden Series Rodeo Series Antigo Series Folkestone Series Highland Series Taos Series Oxford Series Hillside Series Reef Series Beaded Ornaments Series Provence Series Sablecrest Series Lenwell Series Maya Series Classique Series Tejas Series Sharad Series Coppersmith Series Rhea Series Rockwell Series Novell Series Monticello Series Savannah Series Monte Series Homefront Series Burnham Series Reindeer Series Marquette Series Carril Series Baroness Series Ridgetop Series Great Reef Series Northgate Series Owl Series Caspian Series Solis Series Edencrest Series Saigon Series Farmhouse Series Laguna Series Park Series Rialto Series Malibu Series Lunetta Series Caldas Series Lasso Series Florero Series Regency Series Pacific Series Americana Series Vaquero Series Atlas Series Dylan Series Tabern Series Cerise Series Paisley Series Domingo Series Virginia Series Cassio Series Vortizan Series Manor Series Piazza Series Harrison Series Hannah Series Celesta Series Bali Series Noel Series Hathaway Series City Series Timberline Series Valley Series Chasloch Series Chloe Series Jardin Series Norfolk Series Javon Series Neve Series Santos Series Bassett Series Seabrook Series Centre Series Brenswick Series Campagne Series Bangle Series Corona Series Cottage Series Mossley Series Templo Series Country Series Scarlette Series Tempest Series Cristallo Series Evergreen Series Adura Series Farm Stead Series Modern Trees Series Bahama Series Pierce Series Winters Edge Series Lockwood Series Leighann Series Urban Series Cambridge Series Spheres Series Jubilant Series Waterway Series Floralee Series Liso Series Wilder Series Fairhaven Series Porch Series Luminati Series Autumn Series Rustic Charm Series Canal Series Lagoon Series Madison Series Hearth Series Catchpots Series Rockefeller Series Horse Shoe Series Snowman Series Festival Series Beachwood Series Neoma Series Willow Series Norwick Series Braxton Series Rockport Series Montana Series Pomeroy Series Palatino Series Alpine Series Castleton Series Lodge Series Allure Series Lakeworth Series Tillman Series Chandelier Series Daplin Series Capitol Series Range Series Northern Series Modern Series Studio Series Ridgely Series Arlo Series Guardian Series Symphony Series Enchanted Series Glistening Trees Series Traditions Series Botella Series White Christmas Series Hester Series Countryside Series Tystour Series Santa Fa Series Fallmont Series Cave Creek Series Dori Series LaRose Series Coralyn Series Sunflower Series Kashmir Series Creswick Series Totman Series Hillshire Series Medea Series Townsend Series Pointed Ball Series Darnall Series Hollingsworth Series Elk Series Sailors Knot Series Edgewood Series Lorelei Series Santana Series Lynway Series Lancaster Series Pinehurst Series Hacienda Series Woodland Series Telford Series Lex Series Meadowcroft Series Lilou Series Astra Series Montage Series La Forge Series Portsmith Series Gilded Series Equis Series Tortuga Series Globose Series Stanton Series Dashwood Series Wellington Series Mirebella Series Forester Series Santa And Friends Series Bellford Series Sterlyn Series Mariano Series Ladon Series Levingston Series Varanasi Series Holiday Series Lavon Series Richmond Series Deveraux Series Tumbler Series Dallin Series San Pedro Series Territory Series Ashwood Series Bencrest Series Freswick Series