"Sometimes you just want a glass." That statement is the simple beating heart of the Plum wine cooler/dispenser. Whether an occasion calls for celebration, reflection, or anything in between, the Plum wine cooler/dispenser can provide the perfectly proportioned wine of choice. Each time a bottle is placed into a unit, the label is scanned by HD cameras determining the brand, vintage, and type. THe information along with a vivid label graphic is displayed on a brilliant touchscreen display. The cork or even metal screw-top is pierced by a motorized needle and any air is supplanted by inert argon gas. This, along with the ideal temperature set in each of the dual environmental control zones keep wines tasting their best for up to 90 days. This indispensible tool for the inveterate wine connoisseur is elegant yet unassuming and would look at home in both the presidential suite of a four star hotel or a well-appointed parlor.

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