Pacific Play Tents

Pacific Play Tents is privately owned company that strives to provide children with creative, high quality and imaginative products for indoor and outdoor use. Thus, Pacific Play Tents is dedicated to creating the highest quality of play tents, tunnels, and parachutes to create the most beneficial playing environment for the whole family members. Each item that Pacific Play Tents provide has a creative design and, it is painstakingly tested to insure long lasting fun and safe playtime. With Pacific Play Tents accessories, it is possible to leave all the stress behind and go out and enjoy the nature. Also, Pacific Play Tents is constantly working on creating better, and more imaginatively designed products for their costumers to enjoy.

Pacific Play Tents recognizes how we live in a technology dependent society where we let our cell phones, emails, social media, and other electronical devices entertain us and our children. Rather than going out with our family members and interacting with each other while having dinner or lunch at the park, and letting our imagination be the vehicle to take us to places that we dreamed of going. Pacific Play Tents creates opportunity for each parent to create an environment for their kids where they can put away the phones, and other electronic toys/devices so their kids can learn to interact with their friends and learn from each other, as opposed to some computer screen.

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