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Orien Refrigeration

Orien USA is a brand of refrigeration appliances. They specialize in the manufacturing of ice makers, beverage centers, and refrigerators. In addition to producing indoor refrigeration appliances, Orien USA also makes an outdoor variety as well. The company started in 2011 with the goal in creating appliances that function, as well as, designed to be a decorative piece. Orien USA is headquartered from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their specialty appliances fit a refined indulgence and taste for those who require this niche category of home products. Orien USA brand of refrigeration appliances’ main appeal comes with the affordability of luxury specialty equipment.

Orien USA is proud to offer their customers the perfect choice in ice machine or beverage center. Their refrigeration appliances and specialty appliances are designed to cater to any budget, as well as, satisfy all discerning demands. Furthermore, Orien USA uses the best components for manufacturing their appliances including using high grade 304 stainless steel paneling on all their products. Their use of high quality components ensures a stronger durability for the lifetime of the machine.

Additionally, Orien USA provides refrigeration appliances that are environmentally sound by producing them CFC Free. The manufacturing of CFC Free refrigeration appliances is important to preserving the ozone layer.

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