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Opella Bath Fixtures

For over twenty-five years, Opella has been an industry leader in the distribution and marketing of the highest quality plumbing products on the market. In those decades, Opella has developed a reputation for excellence and exceptional quality, with every product they offer made according to exhaustive and exacting standards for performance, quality production and manufacture, and reliability. Every one of them is made by skilled craftsmen and factory workers, all of them devoted to the making the world's highest quality products. You can rest assured that when you buy Opella, you're not only participating in a culture that cultivates excellence, you're buying a product that stands atop and is backed by a long legacy of distinguished design, ease of use, and quality of product. And with their 200,000 square foot distribution center in Riviera Beach, Florida always fully stocked, you can be sure Opella can meet their delivery obligations quickly and easily.

To compliment their amazing line of kitchen sinks and faucets, Opella offers solid stainless steel basket strainers in many finishes, whose special, patented design makes them by far the easiest to install in the industry. That's the innovative, people-focused design and customer care you can expect from Opella, and that's why we carry them here at Their commitment to excellence is our commitment to you, and we're proud to offer them among the rest of the distinguished designers featured in our carefully curated catalog.

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