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OCI Grills

If there's one thing OCI loves, it's grilling. Outdoor Concepts, Inc., or OCI, was founded in 1997 by a group of grilling enthusiasts who were disappointed by the relative dearth of grills being produced for the high-end market. Looking out into the future, they realized that there was a real demand for excellent, high-quality grills for the more discerning connoisseur and grilling aficionado. Teaming with a group of grilling experts, OCI began to design, manufacture, and market their own wide range of high-quality, top-scale stainless steel products suited, not just for the occasional outdoor barbecue, but for an entire outdoor kitchen suite. With every item built to perform, OCI offers top-flight gas and charcoal grills, serving carts, prep carts, access doors and drawers, bar sinks and coolers, every one made from the highest quality materials and components and designed with you in mind. OCI is devoted to bringing you the finest grills on the market today, and that dedication to excellence has led them to work hard to design and develop exceptional outdoor grills and grilling accessories with superior quality and performance. With OCI, you have a grill you can trust to work year round, in any climate, because OCI grills are OCI reliable.

Every grill is made according to the strictest quality standards in their Westminster factory. That's how you know you can trust them. When the OCI name is finally emblazoned on one of these remarkable machines, you know it's been tested for quality performance and reliability.

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