Nu-Flame Hearth Products

Black and white. Yin and yang. Water and flame. A brand of the famous fountain manufacturer Bluworld of Water, Nu-Flame is set to become the next leader in clean, ecologically friendly, renewable fuel fireplaces and fire fixtures. Nu-Flame lets you go green with yellow flame. Every fireplace by Nu-Flame is a stylish wonder of eco-fire, magnificent combinations of glass, metal, and flame into minimalist, contemporary Zen masterpieces. With such stunning, world-class industrial design featuring clean lines, solid geometric forms, and glass accents and guards framing the pure, clean, smokeless flame, every one is both a sound environmental decision and a glorious accent and heating solution for your home.

Every Nu-Flame fireplace burns clean, renewable bioethanol; this smokeless, sootless, odorless flame will be both beautiful and unobtrusive, sure to set the right mood in any room. Safely set in its stylish frame, it's a great decoration. And since every Nu-Flame burner, fixture, and fireplace is backed by Bluworld of Water, every one is backed by years of experience in design, manufacture, and quality control. That means you can trust that Nu-Flame products meet the strictest industry standards for safety, quality materials and construction, and reliability. With Nu-Flame, you're in safe hands.

These environmentally-friendly accent pieces are a welcome addition to the catalog. Our carefully curated selection of products wouldn't be complete without the stylish reliability of Nu-Flame, soon to be the industry leader in bioethanol accent burners for many years to come. We're proud to have partnered with them to bring their great products to a wider marker.

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