Nova Home Furnishing

Since it was originally founded in 1923, Nova Lamps has made it their solemn mission and vow to be at the forefront of contemporary home lighting design. Buoyed up by the wild revolution in modern art that had exploded over the previous decade, Nova sought to extend the innovations in contemporary art and sculpture into home design in much the same way titans like Frank Lloyd Wright was doing with building architecture. With that mission always at the forefront of their minds, Nova has spent the intervening century producing some of the most daring and innovating home lighting and furniture designs on the market, including lamps that are considered midcentury masterpieces, their commitment to modern, groundbreaking design always guiding them forward.

You see, Nova doesn't simply purchase ready-made designs from factories in Asia or offer cheap knockoffs of the work of other designers. They're always committed, not only to quality products, but to highly original design specially developed for the Nova brand. That's why, to this day, Nova works with a stable of world-class designers including John Gilmore, Kelly Johnston, Javier Palomares, and Juliana Silbermins. Each of them is an innovator in the field and a designer of top caliber. The energy they inject into the industry is the lifeblood of Nova Lamps, and allows them to combine high quality manufacturing and production with the best design on the market.

With Nova, you get excellence in manufacture and originality in design. That's the Nova commitment and the Nova guarantee.

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