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Ever since 1923, Nodor has been a leading manufacturer in dartboard industry. The Nodor dartboard selection is top notch, as you might expect from the company that brought the world its first bristle dartboard. All Nodor dart boards are made of the highest quality East African sisal, which is often used for some of the best marine ropes. Nodor was the first company to offer a staple-free bullseye, with slanted edges to guide the dart into the target. The latest incarnation of this innovation, Supabull II, is found on all their boards. The premium Nodor Supamatch dartboard is made to world tournament specifications. This board is completely staple-free, with angled wires to reduce bounce-outs. The Nodor Supawire dartboard has a thin triangular wiring system. Although not completely staple-free, the thin, angled wires and reduced staples will still help maximize your scores. Additionally, Nodor manufactures various kinds of darts like Tungsten darts that are slimmer than brass or nickel/silver darts due to the high density of tungsten. Also, Nodor also produces a number of specialist dart boards to complement their main offering.

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