Since 1991, Nexera's expertise and passion for furniture has grown into a line of products reflecting every member of their hard working and dedicated team. They take pride in working as a family to create and manufacture all of their products in Canada and successfully sending them to thousands of North American households each year.

Nexera specializes in manufacturing various kinds of furniture including, home decor, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and cabinets etc. Their home furniture collections have become a reference in design, value and functionality. Nexera customers know that they can count on beautiful Canadian made products for their home. Additionally, they design and manufacture contemporary ready-to-assemble furniture to ensure that customers get full customer satisfaction with little or no effort at all.

With the Nexera furnishing creativity, you can have the best of both worlds. In other words, you can uncover the styles of the future while revitalizing themes from the past. With Nexera, furniture is never just a furniture. It is a combination of feelings and emotions, beauty and the design, nostalgia and motivation, tranquility and inspiration etc. Nexera manufacturers never just produce a pieces of furniture; they create characters that will live with you at your place to lighten up your mood when you are down, and bring balance to your place when the parties are too boisterous.

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Nexera Product Series

Multiple Series Series Slim Series Cadence Series Modena Series Chrono Series Karibou Series Milton Series Chinook Series Opaci-T Series Grizzly Series Essentials Series Solari Series Pure Series Veloci-T Series Apollo Series Paris Series Rubicon Series Sequoia Series Cartel Series Esker Series Pocono Series Melrose Series Nomad Series Boss Series Fiji Series Tandem Series Bluff Series Foliage Series Atlas Series Norway Series Atrium Series Soft Series Celebri-T Series Hera Series Sephia Series Juno Series Solstice Series Brio Series Chalk Series Elephant Series Transit Series Atypik Series Axel Series Bombay Series Adamo Series Flora Series Mantra Series Orca Series Melody Series Liberia Series Oscuro Series Franklin Series Polar Series Quito Series Scenario Series Cologne Series Cloud Series Muse Series Monroe Series Shift Series Denali Series Snooze Series Unik Series Canvas Series Identi-T Series Boreal Series Sinatra Series Merlin Series Neptune Series Avatar Series Shiraz Series Volt Series Cactus Series Balance Series Wasabi Series Poem Series Dusk Series Ivory Series Aura Series Onyx Series Alaska Series Bogota Series Graham Series Pristine Series Evoque Series Karla Series Lily Series Dawn Series Sunburst Series Octane Series Hexagon Series Essential Series Arobas Series Arrow Series Opera Series Nesta Series Studio Series Scandi Series Dolce Series Sonoma Series Symbol Series Daytona Series Vertigo Series Impact Series Nordik Series Indigo Series Rhapsody Series Mirage Series Arcadia Series Distance Series Arsenal Series Passport Series Barista Series Lumiere Series Baracuda Series Ratio Series London Series Baltic Series Cameo Series Siberi Series Nuage Series Swan Series Campus Series Subito Series Waterloo Series SYMMETRY Series District Series Blitz Series Grafiti Series Stereo Series Midland Series Ogilvi Series Corbo Series Albatros Series Odace Series Nook Series Essence Series Ballet Series Origami Series Context Series Bilou Series Scoop Series Modus Series Origin Series Luna Series Parody Series Paisley Series Sienna Series Faro Series Divine Series Punto Series Graphik Series Arizona Series Vila Series Tokyo Series Axis Series Zamora Series Gossip Series Compass Series Aspen Series Celeste Series Bali Series Malaga Series Iris Series Milo Series Parker Series Damask Series Sahara Series Epik Series Radiance Series Mystik Series Aston Series Multiple Series Venus Series Douro Series Random Series Jakarta Series Amaro Series Aruba Series Interval Series Equinox Series Lagos Series Sereni-T Series Icon Series Liber-T Series Morello Series Pastel Series Lima Series Rebel Series Kabane Series Cali Series Moxy Series Alegria Series Artesia Series Alibi Series Galleri Series Mimosa Series Serenade Series Marble Series Oddense Series Carts Series Magnolia Series NEXT Series Tonik Series Blvd Series Influence Series Tangent Series Avenue Series
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