New for 2018 - Speed Queen's Top-Loading Washers and Matching Dryers

New for 2018 - Speed Queen's Top-Loading Washers and Matching Dryers

Speed Queen's 2018 product line is lean, mean, and clean. While the company has kept some of its customers' favorite features, it has also added a few new ones designed to give you the perfect wash every time. This article goes in depth about their new top loading washers and matching dryers, their features, and which set is right for you.

What sets Speed Queen laundry appliances apart from other brands?

Simply put, the difference is quality and longevity. All Speed Queen appliances are tested to withstand over 25 years' worth of use in the average home. That's two to three times longer than other brands!

Speed Queen Exploded

Speed Queen also doesn't cut corners when it comes to using top-quality materials. You won't find plastic in any of their machines. You will find commercial grade, rust-resistant stainless steel, chip-resistant porcelain and moisture resistant electronic components. Other manufacturers may boast (unnecessarily) larger wash tubs and cheaper prices, but Speed Queen is one of the best brands on the market when it comes to price for quality.

What's new in the 2018 product line?

One of the biggest changes to the 2018 line is the smart autofill feature. Speed Queen is known for the superior cleaning results that its full-fill tub provides. The autofill feature keeps the tub full while ensuring that it uses only enough water to get everything super clean and no more. So even if you have a small wash, the Speed Queen will tailor the amount of water it uses to get that size load clean.

The smart lock on the washing machines is another new 2018 feature. If you've ever loaded everything in the laundry, only to discover a stray sock five minutes later (we've all been there) then you have a window during the initial fill period to add the piece. The lid will then lock again while the agitator is doing its thing.

Let's look at two of the new washer/dryer pairs Speed Queen is offering in 2018. All sets have identical dimensions, so you really need to look at the features of each combo to decide which is right for you

Back to Basics: The TR3000WN Washer and DR3000WG Dryer Combo

The TR3000WN and DR3000WG combo is Speed Queen's new entry level washer and dryer set. This combo is for people who want a top-quality appliance, and a fresh wash load but who don't need a lot of custom features or special wash settings. If you have mostly cotton clothing, then you likely don't need advanced features and the TR/DR3 combo will meet all your needs.

887308 Washer Dryer Set

The washer has three load sizes, small, medium and large, as well as three temperature settings, hot, warm and cold. It has four wash cycles: Heavy Duty for items like jeans and bedding, Normal Eco, a highly energy efficient mode for cotton and linen, Perm Press for synthetics, and Delicate for items you would normally hand wash.

The control panel is very easy to use. It all you need to do is turn the knobs to the size, temperature and setting you want. The wash tub automatically fills up with the correct amount of water. There are also trays for fabric softener and bleach. This model takes all the guesswork out of doing the wash.

The dryer sports three preset drying cycles, two automatic dry cycles, and three temperature selections. With this array of options, you'll find this unit to be much more versatile than other entry level dryers on offer.

Kicking it Up a Notch: The TR7000WN Washer and DF7000WG Dryer Combo

The TR7000WN and DF7000WG combo is for people who are serious about laundry. This model is great if you need special settings for your clothing or if you have a large family with a high wash volume. This set gives you commercial grade wash performance in the home.

887420 Washer Dryer Set

The TR7000WN washer has the greatest range of preset cycles tailored to different kinds of fabrics. In addition to all the cycles that the TR3000WN has, this top-tier model also has cycles for hand wash fabrics, bulky items (like rugs and comforters) and 8 different special cycles. These cycles are Eco Heavy Duty, Eco Delicate, Waterproof, Super Soiled, Whites, Wool, Athletic, and Denim. You can also select the soil level for those greasy work clothes or muddy soccer uniforms. You can even save the settings you use all the time by using the "favorite settings" option.

If you have kids, you know that laundry day can be intimidating! What distinguishes the TR7000WN from the other top-loading washers is its speed cycle. If you have a big family and ever hope to see the bottom of the laundry basket, you know that a speed cycle will come in handy!

The DF7000WG dryer has just as many fabric-specific settings as its counterpart. It also has an anti-wrinkle setting, which is great if you need to get your work clothes fresh and crisp on short notice. These fabric-specific settings are a new feature for 2018 as is the addition of an internal moisture sensor that prevents over drying and shrinkage.

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