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Ahead of the Pack with Elecrolux

Ahead of the Pack with Electrolux

Electrolux has always been one of the staunchest competitors in the realm of washers and dryers. To stay a stride ahead in the crowded marketplace of players, they've kept at the forefront of innovation. With this in mind, Electrolux has released their LuxCare front-load washer and dryer series. They promise to be most efficient, intuitive, and effective washer and dryer set on the market with the introduction of revolutionary technologies.

LuxCare Perfect Steam Washer (SKU EFLS617STT)


The LuxCare Perfect Steam washer is an absolute beast when getting clothes clean while being utterly dainty in consuming energy and detergent. The efficiency is due to the newly developed SmartBoost technology. This pre-mixes water and detergent or fabric softener before the wash cycle begins. The mixing action was previously performed by cycling the laundry load through a warm/hot water mode to evenly distribute detergent through your clothes. The new SmartBoost system ensures that your clothes can be washed impeccably with cold water. Electrolux has put forth and proven the ambitious boast that the new system can save up to 40 gallons of water a week compared to high-efficiency top-load washers. Finally, because warm and hot water can be harsh on your clothes, the ability to thoroughly clean in cold water keeps your colors vibrant.

Perfect Steam

The LuxCare Perfect Steam washer also introduces the "Perfect Steam" option for which it's named. During the wash, you have the option to vent steam from the bottom of the appliance through your clothes. This gently lifts even the toughest stains. You can remove stubborn messes like chocolate and red wine. Additionally, steam is used as a natural sanitizer. The LuxCare Perfect Steam is certified to remove 99% of bacteria and 95% of allergens. This is perfect for deep cleaning children's clothes, sheets, and all other items that come into close contact with you and those you cherish.

LuxCare Dryer Lifestyle

LuxCare Perfect Steam Dryer (SKU EFMG617STT)

The matching LuxCare Perfect Steam dryer also exhibits some well-designed features you wouldn't necessarily expect from a workaday clothes dryer. There is an Instant Refresh cycle. Have you ever pulled a shirt out of your drawer or closet and thought, "I'll look like a wrinkled mess if I leave the house wearing this"? Throw it in your LuxCare dryer and it will employ steam to remove wrinkles and refresh your clothing in just 10 minutes. Seemingly tailor-made for a person on the go, you can use the high-temperature yet gentle 15-Minute Fast Dry cycle that will quickly dry items you need right away. Finally, you've previously been frustrated by your clothing turning into a bulky jumble after finishing a drying cycle. Now you can engage the Extended Tumble option which will gently tumble your clothes without heat to disentangle everything.


Below are specifications for the LuxCare washer and dryer set.

        EFLS617SIW Electrolux LuxCare Washer
                     EFMG617SIW Electrolux LuxCare Dryer

EFLS617SIW Electrolux LuxCare Washer


  • Height (w/15" Pedestal): 53"
  • Height (w/o 15" Pedestal): 38"
  • Width: 27"
  • Depth (to Arc Exlude Hose): 31 1/2"
  • Depth (w/ 90° Door Open): 50 3/5"
  • Drum Capacity: 4.4 Cu. Ft


  • Clean Washer: Yes
  • Add Steam: Yes
  • Allergy: No
  • Temp Selections: 5
  • Soil Level Selections: 5
  • Spin Speed Selections: 5
  • Delay Start (Hours): Yes
  • Freshwater Rinse: Yes
  • Prewash: No
  • Stain Pretreat: Yes

EFMG617SIW Electrolux LuxCare Dryer


  • Height (w/15" Pedestal): 53"
  • Height (w/o 15" Pedestal): 38"
  • Width: 27"
  • Depth (to Arc Exlude Hose): 31 1/2"
  • Depth (w/ 90° Door Open): 50 3/5"
  • Total Capacity - Cu. Ft.: 8.0 Cu. Ft.


  • Allergen: Yes
  • Casual: Yes
  • Dry Cycle: 9
  • Fast Dry: Yes - 15 minutes
  • Heavy Duty: Yes
  • Mixed Load: Yes
  • Delicate: Yes
  • Normal: Yes
  • Timed Dry: Yes
  • Towels: Yes

Electrolux has a rich heritage of pioneering new appliance advancements. Their LuxCare washer and dryer series is certainly no exception. By not only setting but breaking ground in industry standards, the LuxCare series will be the last word for your washer and dryer needs.

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