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BlueStar's 36 Inch Built-In Refrigerator

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The Most Storage Capacity Of Any 36" Built-In Refrigerator

Over 100 years ago, BlueStar Cooking began its journey from modest roots in the heart of Reading, Pennsylvania. Prizer-Painter Stove Works, Inc. soon became a renowned manufacturer of residential and commercial coal ranges, hot water heaters, furnaces, and heating stoves. Before the long, the company developed its production of cooking appliances into the upper echelon and expanded its repertoire of products. Nearly 120 years after the company's first stoves rolled off the production line and appeared on the market, Prizer-Painter introduced their handcrafted, restaurant-quality ranges for the residential market under the BlueStar name. Now, that name has become synonymous with quality and their full line of kitchen appliances continues to demonstrate the standards on which the company was founded.

This year, BlueStar is proud to debut their latest installments of premium appliances and accessories. BlueStar's comprehensive line of appliances feature refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, range hoods, cooktops, and accessories for the aforementioned products. BlueStar understands that when designing your kitchen space, aesthetic customization is tantamount to the functionality of the appliances they offer. With this in mind, BlueStar appliances feature unmatched color and detail options so you can design your home down to the smallest details. We recommend trying Appliances Connection's convenient custom color picker tool to let your inner designer out! Also, be sure to check out the Learning Center's recent foray into some of the trending appliance color finishes for this fall and winter, available on all BlueStar appliances!

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Though BlueStar has long been known for their premium cooking appliances and accessories, they are far from lacking in other categories. Always striving to build on past successes, BlueStar's latest line of refrigerators truly hit the mark. BlueStar's brand new 36 inch counter depth bottom freezer refrigerator offers something for everybody. This fridge features unmatched usable space and is designed to accommodate the needs of a professional chef or an ambitious home cook just the same.

This 36" built-in refrigerator features 22.4 cubic feet total capacity and is capable of comfortably storing 544 12 oz. cans of your favorite beverages! (As seen in the image, that's 401 12 oz. cans in the refrigerator and 143 in the freezer!) Other refrigerators may boast similar measurements but BlueStar has designed this refrigerator to maximize the functionality and storage of every inch. While cubic feet may be a good metric by which to measure interior volume, measuring usable space is an entirely different matter.

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Below you will find some of the key features offered standard with the latest BlueStar 36" built-in refrigerator.

Food Preservation

Extended Food Preservation - Independent dual compressors and evaporators provide top of the line food preservation in both the fridge and freezer compartments. Moist and cold air keeps food fresher for longer in the refrigerator while dry, frigid air in the freezer ensures your frozen goods last longer.

Fully Extendable Tray

Fully Extendable Tray - As mentioned before, this fridge can be useful tool for a professional chef or home cook. Food preparation is a cinch as this tray can accommodate a commercial size sheet pan. Use this for cooling a tray of freshly baked cookies from your premium BlueStar range!

Fully Extending Drawers

Extra-Large, Fully Extending Drawers - Each of the two extra-large drawers provide cavernous storage space for whatever you desire. The drawers employ convenient soft-close technology and soft, bright LED lighting so you can easily see what's inside. Both drawers are situated near the evaporator utilizing temperatures a few degrees colder than the rest of the fridge for maximum freshness!

LED Lighting

Dramatic Theater LED Lighting - Using only six sets of LED lights, the brilliant stainless steel interior will be illuminated for all to see. Soft bright light shines through every corner of the refrigerator, eliminating shadows and reflections which allows you to showcase your food and beverages!

Customizable Exterior

Customizable Exterior - Choose from over 750 colors and metal trims as well as door swing options to make this fridge truly your own. Decide which colors best match your kitchen décor and design your refrigerator down to the smallest details!

OLED Touchscreen Controls

OLED Touchscreen Control - Innovative touchscreen technology offers unrivaled and precise control over the temperature and functions of this fridge. Advanced options include Max Ice, Door Alarm, and Sabbath modes.

Below you will find a video that outlines some of the features offered with BlueStar's latest line of built-in refrigerators:

With all of these advanced features and modern design aspects, BlueStar's 36" built-in refrigerator is nothing short of a masterpiece. By marrying form and function, this fridge demonstrates BlueStar's rigid standards for quality. Whether you're a professional chef or you do your cooking at home, this fridge makes the perfect complement to any lineup of appliances. Design yours today at Appliances Connection and build a complete BlueStar kitchen appliance package!

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