New Appliances from Thermador: Column Refrigeration

People often fear change, so much so, that they sometimes overlook the positive outcomes their new choices produce. Whether it's choosing a new color for your room, or buying new appliances, you always have questions in the back of your head like, "is it worth the price, is it really suitable for me, or will I get the maximum benefits out of it?"

With over 100 years of experience, Thermador has perfected the engineering, designing and manufacturing of their iconic line of cooking, cleaning, refrigeration and ventilation products. Thermador remains committed to empowering culinary enthusiasts. Recently, they have extended their iconic line of refrigerators and added a new model that carries technologically advanced features that are sure to pique your interest!

What are column refrigerators and freezers?

A column refrigerator is a type of built-in refrigerator that comes in full-size and as a single purpose unit. It is usually built-in next to cabinetry for a seamless look. One of the main reasons why many customers choose integrated refrigerators is solely based on the seamless look that it gives off. In other words, integrated refrigerators give an opportunity for you to place your refrigerator in a way that blends in with your other cabinetry. Additionally, there are various advantages of having a column refrigerator. One such advantage is the flexibility they provide in designing your kitchen layout. You can put your wine cooler and freezer in a side by side arrangement.

Thermador has been manufacturing column refrigerators in their signature series, "Freedom" and they were one of the first companies to produce columns. They carry several sizes of column refrigerators. For instance, as of now, they have 24", 30", and 36" wide refrigerators with 12 to 24 cubic feet total capacity. Thermador is one of the few brands that manufacture column refrigerators in different sizes and it's all with one intention in mind. Their intention is to make their products as customizable as possible, so you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Thermador's column refrigerators are usually rated as some of the top column refrigerators available on the market today. A dedicated team of engineers, designers and manufacturers have all united to make that possible with features for which everyone has been waiting!


  • Freedom Hinge enables true flush design
  • Full height door - true cabinet integration without exposed venting grille
  • All LED sidewall and theater lighting
  • Accepts custom or stainless steel panels
  • Reversible door swing


  • Dual compressor and dual evaporator
  • Electronic controls for precise temperature management
  • Full-width meat drawer
  • Carbon air filter reduces odors and keeps air clean and fresh
  • Full-length cantilever racks for ultimate adjustability
  • Full-width glass shelves with metal trim
  • Full-extension drawers at 90 degrees door opening angle
  • Gallon door bins
  • Large capacity freezer drawer
  • Filtered ice-maker
  • SuperCool - chills food quickly with temperature at 35.5 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 9 hours
  • SuperFreezer - freezes food quickly with temperature at -9 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 52 hours
  • Economy mode - leaves the temperature of the refrigerator at 45 degrees Fahrenheit and freezer at 3 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Sabbath mode
  • Vacation mode
  • Door open alarm
  • Energy Star qualified
Thermador Column Refrigerator

Constant and cool temperature throughout the refrigerator is not something that every manufacturer can achieve. However, Thermador has perfected that with their dual-compressor and dual-evaporator. Each section of the refrigerator features its own compressor and evaporator that ensures precise temperature control and ideal humidity levels.

In addition to that, there are two features that Thermador column refrigerators for which they are known. The first is their famous Freedom Hinge that is engineered specifically for the Freedom Collection. All units feature a heavy duty hinge that allows for a fully flush installation and the ability to support custom panels. The second one is the brightly illuminated interior sidewall lighting which makes it easier to find all of your essential ingredients for the perfect week day meal.

In the past, Thermador has been praised for their creative design by their customers but they have also been pointed out a few disadvantages of Thermador column refrigerators. After studying those comments carefully, Thermador made additions to their line with advanced features. In 2017, they have added three new pieces to their refrigeration collection such as 36" all-refrigerator, 37" all-freezer columns and 23" refrigerator for customer with less than 42" and 48" openings.

These three column refrigerators contain most of the advantages that the previous models offered. The only difference is that new models come with additional features that enhance their performances.

Thermador 36" Column Refrigerator - T36IR900SP

Thermador T36IR900SP

Thermador 36" Column Freezer - T34IF900SP

Thermador T34IF900SP

Thermador 23" Column Refrigerator - T23IR900SP

Thermador T23IR900SP

New Features

  • Door switch change (magnetic switch)
  • TFT display
  • Evaporator cover sheet (no screws, cleaner look)
  • Rail system for all appliances
  • Glass shelves and door trays
  • New glass shelf brackets
  • Open door assist
  • Vita Fresh
  • Light for Vita Fresh
  • Chiller drawer
  • Damped rails
  • Flip Mullion
  • New light for freezer (BM appliances)
  • New Freezer baskets (cleaner design, color, whole pattern)
  • New soft close drawers
  • New Deco panel and toe kick
  • Line configuration
  • Delicate produce bins
  • Bin dividers
  • Diamond Ice
  • Cool Air Flow technology
Thermador Open Column Refrigerator
Thermador Column Refrigerator Diagram

TFT Display

Open Door Assist


Delicate Produce bins

Diffused Light Bar System

If you are still doubting whether or not a Thermador column refrigerator is something you want, then just take a minute and look at how reasonable the prices are compared to similar products. Then, pay close attention to the huge list of advanced column refrigerators that you can pick from. Lastly, look forward to the new features that Thermador is bringing to the market and be the first one to get it.

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