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National Public Seating has been a reliable furniture provider in different fields such as schools, worship centers, and other organizations for decades. All of their products are industrial grade, built to handle heavy-duty usage. National Public Seating carries furniture such as chairs, lecterns, commercial trucks and dollies, tables, commercial carts, and cabinets.

There are a vast number of series National Public Seating offers for their products, giving you flexibility in what type of style you want for a specific item. Different types of chairs include folding chairs, accent chairs, and bar stools. With different heights available, lecterns are ideal for settings where lectures and various presentations take place. Accent and folding tables are perfect for when conferences, meetings, or even picnics are taking place. If you want a table that's mobile and has storage capability, their cabinets may be more suitable.

For commercial settings such as restaurants, hospitals, and warehouses, National Public Seating has commercial trucks and dollies, along with commercial carts that would be a great fit for those settings. The commercial carts can be used to deliver a presentation, or for extra storage. Select models even have charging ports, making it easier to charge your devices. Commercial trucks and dollies make storing and moving stacks of chairs and stools easy. Depending on which models you choose, there are 4 or 6-wheel dollies available.

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