MYZOO Pet Products

This Taiwanese designer brand offers creative and unique furnishings for household cats. They have a wide range of cat perches, cat steppers, litter boxes, cat scratchers and more. MYZOO uses natural solid wood for each piece of cat furniture. Their wooden cat shelves provide a warm tone and gives them a secured and steady area to play. Building a cat highway allows them to explore new heights while saving space on the floor. Let your feline roam free with cat furniture from MYZOO.

Cats sleep more than people think, so MYZOO took that into consideration when they created the spaceship series cat bed. This bed is designed to meet the domestic cat's natural sleeping habits. They are made from fresh pine wood that is designed to keep the cats cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Large transparent acrylic windows allow you to watch your cat play, and the ventilation holes provides fresh air.

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