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MovinCool is a brand of portable and through the wall air conditioners. They are part of the DENSO corporation which is one of the world’s largest producers of automotive technology and related parts and systems, in addition to, being one of the industry leading manufacturers of automotive air conditioning. DENSO is headquartered in Kariya, Aichi prefecture in Japan with over 200 subsidiaries and affiliates based in 36 other countries and territories globally. Their consolidated sales for the fiscal year of 2013 exceeded $31 billion around the world. Since 1982, MovinCool has continuously focused their efforts in providing pioneering portable air conditioners for commercial and residential markets.

MovinCool takes pride in promoting a reputation for having air conditioners with the finest quality, highest dependability and durable equipment lifespan. Their commitment in providing the best air conditioners rests with their conjunction in being a part of DENSO and meeting the demanding automotive standards in products. MovinCool is proud to stand behind their brand of product and offer the industry’s only three-year manufacturer’s warranty. Their standard of quality is not solely based on frivolous promotion but by offering results to satisfy concerns and give peace of mind to their customers.

MovinCool as their namesake implies, aims to help improve productivity and maintain comfort levels.

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