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Moda Flame Fireplaces

We live in the future, folks, and we need no longer rely on fossils to fuel us. Not anymore. Not with bioethanol.

Moda Flame is at the forefront of the bioethanol revolution, helping every day to change the world of home heating and indoor fireplaces. With state-of-the-art designs that require no venting, gas lines, plug-ins or outlets while offering more heat production with less waste and absolutely no environmental impact, Moda Flame's bioethanol fireplaces are the wave of the future. They offer up to four times the amount of heat as traditional fireplaces, all while producing zero emissions or smoke. That's because bioethanol is a clean, renewable fuel that's revolutionizing home heating. This organic, sustainable, greenhouse-compliant fuel produces nothing but heat, light, a little steam, and a little carbon dioxide, which plants use the same way we use oxygen. This clean combustion is great for the environment and for the environmentally-conscious, as well as for everyone who wants a fireplace that's really going to make a strong, modern statement.

Moda Flame makes beautiful and affordable bioethanol fireplaces that require no gas or vent connections, making installation an almost-literal snap! Each one is made from only the best materials and conforms to the strictest safety standards, which makes them perfect for any home, office, restaurant, or virtually any setting you can imagine. About the only place it can't go is underwater!

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