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With years of experience, Mixpresso team of engineers, designers, manufacturers have perfected their skills to ensure full customers’ satisfaction. For Mixpresso it is all about that their relationship with their customers. Mixpresso specializes in manufacturing coffee and expresso makers that are highly advanced with the current technological advances. Mixpresso understands the importance having that nice cup of coffee or expresso in the morning, in order to start your day with a great energy. Mixpresso coffee and expresso makers are seamlessly and timelessly fit into any lifestyle and home. Whether it is a studio apartment, office or castle, Mixpresso combine; design innovation; together with quality components, to perfect your coffee moments and make them special ones. Mixpresso coffee and expresso makers comes packed with multiple features that proves their superiority over other similar products. For instance, adjustable coffee volume, flow meter, easy to use water tank, and two individual electronic LED controls for two coffee sizes.

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