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Midwest Tropical Decorative Furniture

Since it's founding in the late 1970's, Midwest Tropical has grown into one of the leading designers and manufacturers in aquariums, water features, and water-featuring occasional furniture. A proud second generation family-run business, Midwest Tropical is an innovative pioneer in its field, with an unmatched reputation for originality, quality, and beauty as it strives to bring the fluid beauty of water into unexpected places. Midwest Tropical's liquid art is a constant inspiration, point towards the future even as it reminds us of the cleansing waters from which we all spring. Water means change, and that's why, since it's founding, Midwest Tropical has continued to evolve. New designs and processes spring out of that evolution.

With singular methods and an unparalleled dedication to exceptional quality, Midwest Tropical has developed a line of unique pieces of aqua art that will fit seamlessly into any setting, but it home, residential, or commercial, and that's why you'll find Midwest Tropical pieces everywhere high and low, in hotels, in corporate lobbies, in the homes of the stars and in the home of the fashionable people you might meet anywhere. These marvels make unique and forward-facing architectural accents sure to catch the eye in any room. That's why Midwest Tropical does repeat business with Harrah's Entertainment and Intercontinental Hotels alonside large design firms such as HDR. With over thirty years of experience in innovative design and manufacture, every piece by Midwest Tropical is a masterpiece, an exercise in expertise you'll treasure for years to come.

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