Microwave Drawers - Top 5 of 2019

Microwave Drawers - Top 5 of 2019

Now 18 years old, the microwave drawer has been one of the most contentious advances in the modern kitchen. There are those who would prefer not to have to renovate existing cabinetry in order to install these less-than-standardized units. Then there are avid home cooks who love the drawers' ease of use and that they free up crowded countertop space. They also recognize that these drawers are vastly more capable than most run-of-the-mill counter microwaves. Last year, we showed you the five best microwave drawers of 2017. Now, in 2019, we have a crop of five new contenders to the throne. Let's get right into it.

Sharp SMD2480CS 24" Wave Microwave Drawer

One can't speak of microwave drawers without mentioning Sharp. They were the first to develop the microwave drawer and, in fact, they still hold most of the patents that make the technology possible. That spirit of innovation is continued with this model. An integrated sensor allows you to open and close the unit with a mere wave of the hand. It recognizes specific movement patterns so the drawer won't randomly open as someone walks by. The easy-to-read and control panel retracts when not in use so as not to distort the sleek, clean lines that come from the unit being flush with your cabinetry. This drawer shows that Sharp has not spent the past 18 years just resting on their laurels.

Sharp SMD2480CS 24

Dacor DMR30M977WM Modernist Series 30" Microwave

The newly minted Modernist Series from Dacor includes the unveiling of this beautiful appliance. Coming in graphite stainless and silver stainless, you can choose between the futuristic look of an advanced spacecraft or a more traditional aesthetic. The gorgeous exterior encases a spacious 1.2 cu ft capacity in which you'll easily able to fit an entire meal to reheat. Reheating will be elementary with multiple preset modes and an "Easy Minute" mode which, with a touch of a button, runs the unit for exactly one minute at full power. But wait, you'll not only be able to reheat. As powerful as this microwave is, it's nuanced enough to be able to engage in subtler cooking methods such as proofing and slow baking. There's even a setting that lets the microwave to double as a warming drawer, maintaining food's warmth for up to 30 minutes.

Dacor DMR30M977WM Modernist Series 30

Wolf MD30TES 30" Transitional Drawer Microwave

Last year, Wolf made our cut for the best five with a 24" MD24TES model. In the new year, they're moving into the territory of larger models with this 30" microwave. It boasts a 1.2 cu ft capacity like most of the drawers in this width class, but it lays out this space ingeniously. You're able to accommodate pans that are 9" x 3" so you could cook a whole casserole and it fits cups up to 7" tall which is perfect for preparing hot drinks for you and several guests. Wolf has added versatility of style to this microwave by giving you the choice of a flush inset for an unassuming look, or a standard inset if you want this stunning appliance to make its presence known in your kitchen.

Wolf MD30TES 30

GE Monogram ZWL1126SJSS 24" Microwave Drawer

GE has long been the model manufacturer of workhorse appliances with a reputation for long-lasting dependability and durability. GE Monogram builds on this fine pedigree and infuses it with an air of luxury. This microwave drawer perfectly exemplifies this ambitious combination. It pairs a lustrous yet rugged stainless steel façade with an advanced glass touch control panel and white LED display which results in an appliance that would enhance the look of both traditional and modern kitchens. Not just bringing looks to the table, this microwave's powerful beating heart is able to channel 900 watts, delivering a rapid and even heat. One nifty feature exclusive to this GE Monogram model is the "Custom Recipe Saver" mode. If you have your own culinary creation that you've perfected cooking in this microwave, you can save the power levels and timing so it'll come out flawlessly.

GE Monogram ZWL1126SJSS 24

Bosch HMD8053UC 30" 800 Series Drawer Microwave

If you're looking for simplicity and elegance in form and function, Bosch is the company many turn to and this 800 Series microwave certainly demonstrates why. Its austere aesthetic will make it look at home in virtually any kitchen. One of the most impressive features on this model are its multiple auto cooking options. They use a range of sensors within the microwave that continuously detect food temperature, moisture, and weight. This takes the guess work out of heating and defrosting and yields great results every time. Sometimes, though, it's the little details that make an appliance just a joy to use daily. The drawer opens and closes slowly and gently at the push of a button. Imagine being able to push a button and conveniently reach down to waist level to stir a piping bowl of soup or sauce without liquids splashing about. Again, simple niceties can make the difference between a good appliance and an indispensable kitchen aid.

Bosch HMD8053UC 30
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